2017: 5 Fly Fishing Gift Items under $50

 tacky deluxe box

Orvis Tacky Deluxe Box


The ultimate fly box. Orvis and Tacky created this box that holds a ton of flies, is low-profile, lightweight, and very durable. Tacky boxes provide a silicon inside unmatched from any other box providing a clean organization even for the clumsy fly box dropping anglers like myself.


rio headgate tippet holder

Rio Headgate Powerflex Tippet Holder with 2X-6X


A collaboration between Fishpond and Rio Products gives you a fully loaded high quality tippet holder stocked with the essential tippet sizes for every trout angler. The perfect gift for any fisherman, as tippet is an essential that we can never have enough of.


 mfc flsk

Montana Fly Company Stainless Steel Hip Flask or Coffee Mug


Coffee or Whiskey? I think any angler likes the thought of that while hitting the water especially in the colder months. Montana Fly Company’s designs bring out the fishiness of these essentials. They come in a variety of different graphics from various fishing artists. The coffee mug works better than my yeti and has a flip top cap. Can’t beat that!


exo boxersExOfficio Boxers


This is the best gift under $50 a guy can receive. There is nothing like ExOfficio boxers. They provide all day comfort and they don’t smell at all. I’ve brought two pairs of these boxers on week long trips and have been good to go. I’m not suggesting this but these boxers are the best and an essential to any guy. They also come in some sweet fish patterns.


mitten clampDr. Slick Mitten Scissor Clamp


By far my favorite forceps tool on the market. All it takes is a quick squeeze to get them open to get that fish off the hook and back where it belongs. You can operate with gloves, big hands and requires not too much strength. The quality of the machine work in unmatched for the price. The scissors are extremely sharp as well. Whether it is debarbing hooks, clamping split shot or pulling that hook out I highly recommend them to every angler.

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