5 Must Own Fly Fishing Products this Spring

Springtime in the Rockies means longer days, sporadic snowfall, raising water levels, and some great fishing for the opportunist angler. Some of the days the trout seem to just be bubbling beneath the surface chowing down emerging midges and mayflies. And for many anglers, the spring marks the beginner of a fly fishing season. It’s usually the time to check in with your gear and maybe upgrade those old wading boots, ripped waders. Or buy that new fly fishing accessory you can’t live without for the upcoming fly fishing season. So with that, here are five of the newest must own fly fishing products to hit the market this spring.

1. Simms Boot-Foot Waders $699.95-$999.95

In a perfect angling gear world, we could all have a pair of stocking foot waders and boot foot waders. The benefits of the boot foot waders are you stay a lot warmer than stockingfoot waders. Most people probably remember the old neoprene duck hunting waders. These are similar as they keep you extremely warm but the proprietary GORE TEX allows for maximum breathability.

Simms offers a few different models of the boot foot waders including the G3, G4Z, and Exstream. They also come in two different sole options, felt or Vibram rubber. At Vail Valley Anglers and vailvalleyanglers.com, we have a large selection of various sizes of these waders.

The warmth, breathability, and the convenience of the just slipping the boot foot waders is what sets them apart from the traditional stockingfoot styles.

2. Patagonia Danner Wading Boots $549.00

Don’t let the near $600.00 price tag fool you, these boots are worth every dollar maybe even every penny. They are handmade by the seasoned boot makers at the Danner Boot factory in Portland, Oregon. The best part is that Patagonia guarantees the boots for life.

“Recraftable Stitchdown Construction”. If after many years you wear down the soles of your boots the stitchdown construction allows for your boots to be sent back to Danner’s crafts-people and resoled for a fee.

Each pair comes with an additional set of bars, to replace the worn bars after some time on the water. The boots are made of full grain leather and treated with a proprietary PFC-free saline solution tanning process that gives it toughness and longevity. Unlike other synthetic wading boots the leather can form to your foot for a fit like no other wading boot.

If you want comfort, stability, and durability look no further. Swing by the shop to try a pair on to experience first hand what all the fuss is about. 

3. Simms Challenger Pull-on Boot – $139.95 (14 inch) or $119.95  (9 inch)

Talk about the best before and after fly fishing shoe 8 months out the year. The boots are fully waterproof, mud proof, and even can be used to for a quick lunch break wade fishing mission on your favorite stream. They also make a great wintertime boat shoe if you aren’t getting out to wade much as well.

The boots are made of Vulcanized rubber uppers to keep water from seeping into the boot. The interior is made of a mesh lining that keeps the interior breathable under changing conditions. The boots feature a rubber outsole for maximum slip resistance as well as a pull strap on back for easy access. 

Much like the ever so popular Muck Boot, the Simms Challenger is made with the angler in mind. For ultimate comfort on and off the water, the Challenger Boot is a must for the colder fishing months.

4. Fishpond ThunderHead Roll-Top Duffel – $199.95

This duffel is one stop shop for gear storage for every angler. Toss all your gear for the fishing day ahead and hit the river. Featuring a roll top waterproof design, the bag keeps water out and the gear inside dry. The bombproof 1680d TPU coated recycled Cyclepond nylon is the burliest of materials. It can withstand rugged abuse and still keep all the contents inside dry as can be.

It features a variety of different tie down points, Two webbing straps to cinch down over the roll top closure. Front stretch mesh pocket with zipper closure and rope haul handles on each side of the bag for easy carrying. 

Fear no water, this is the ultimate all around storage bag for anglers on the go.

5. Simms River Camo G3 Waders – $599.95

Alright, now some of you probably think that the camo waders are just too much. Does it really make a difference to the fish if you are wearing camo versus the traditional earth tones of many waders? Many anglers claim that the camo waders do make a difference. I guess it might depend on where you are fishing and how spooky the fish are. I could definitely see these waders making a difference on the Blue River in Silverthorne. The water is technical, with a low clear flow and a ton of pressure from all the anglers.

If you want an edge up on the fish and a mental confidence boost the Simms River Camo waders might be your answer. I heard one angler state, “By wearing the Simms River Camo G3 Waders if gives you a slight advantage to land more fish a lot like using fluorocarbon tippet versus monofilament. It results in more hookups. That one fish that might have spooked because it spotted you will not spook when you’re wearing the camo.”

I will let you decide on if you think the camo is a difference maker. I do know that these waders have been a popular seller and I’m sure this us a trend we will see into the future. Fly fishing is technical, so are these waders. And as Simms says, “Success Goes to the Unseen.”

Hopefully, the products listed above find themselves into your gear lineup, they seem to be a favorite for many of our guides and customers. Or, this gives you a little more insight into the new trending products in the fly fishing world. Also, be sure to check out our online store at vailvalleyanglers.com or feel free to give us a call at 1-877-926-0900. You can also swing by the shop to check out the latest in fly fishing gear.

Patrick Perry, Former Guide and Content Contributor, @patperry