2017: 6 Fly Fishing Gift Items Under $100

The holidays are here! The magic, the sleigh bells, the hand warmers in your waders, AND gift giving. Help us make the whole process easy for you. Read about our 2017 favorite gifts under $100 along with personalized descriptions about why we would want these products in our stockings or under our tree. Don’t forget to check out our other blogs in this series, coming soon.

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Simms Coldweather Flannel

simms hoody


This flannel combines the warmth of a fleece jacket and versatility of a fishing shirt. Essential to any winter angler. I recommend wearing a light baselayer underneath while fishing. The warmth and comfort can’t be beat. Comes in a variety of different colors. It does fit a little snug I would recommend going up a size.

Patagonia Sun Hoody Mens and Women’s

patagonia hoody$59.00-$69.00

I remember when I first bought a sun hoody I thought it seemed odd to wear a hoodie in 80+ degree weather. Having 50+SPF sun protection the hoody keeps you at a reasonable cooler temperature. The hood adds great protection on the back of the neck and head area, it is a nice alternative to a buff (I find buffs very constricting). Sun Hoody’s are an essential to any angler looking for sun protection and comfort.

Echo Base Fly Rod

echo base $99.95

Echo has been making its mark on the fly rod industry for the past decade with the lower priced quality fly rods. You can’t beat a rod with a lifetime warranty for under $100. It may not cast flies with dreamy presentations and pinpoint accuracy but it’s always important to have a surplus of rods as we all know car doors are not a place for a fly rod. This medium-fast action rod can get it done wherever you may be chasing fish.

Orvis Safe Passage Chip Pack

safe chip pack$79.00

Chest and Hip Pack wearers unite. It can be worn as a chest pack or a hip pack, your choice. The pack is perfect for a minimalist that has a few boxes and all the necessities. With an affordable price it’s great for those two hour sessions after work.

Umpqua Beginners Fly Tying Kit

fly tying kit$100.00

Give the gift of fly tying. Can’t beat the price of $99 to get started at fly tying. It comes with everything you need to begin twisting up your own flies. I received this kit years ago and it was a great way to jump into fly tying and get started. I eventually upgraded my vice to a more expensive one and the vice in this kit is now my travel vice.

Hatch Nippers

hatch nippers$100.00

Anyone that has fished a Hatch Reel Understands the quality machine work of the company. If there are any golfers out there, the factory in California where the nippers and reels are made also makes the famous “Scotty Cameron Putter.” Nippers are an essential to every angler. These nippers are of the highest quality and come with a lifetime warranty. They also come with a lanyard to make sure your investment won’t go down the river.


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