Abel Zinger Review

*Please note this product may no longer be available to purchase on our website*
The Abel Zinger gives anglers quality craftsmanship and rugged durability. Most of the time we grab a cut-rate plastic piece of junk five dollar zinger.  But, we do this even though the last failure resulted in losing a more expensive and important fly fishing tool like your favorite scissor-forceps that also had to be replaced.

Usually, zingers are just not a piece of fly fishing gear we put much though or effort into. But, every angler out there has had a cheap zinger break so the advent of the new Abel Zinger.  Which won a new product award at the 2014 IFTD show should be taken seriously by serious anglers. Just think about all the different accessories many anglers rely on their zinger to secure-nippers, forceps, floatant, magnifiers, small fly boxes, etc. Hope this becomes easier to understand why purchasing a quality zinger makes sense.

Durable Modern Design

The Abel Zinger isn’t just a flashy copycat of current zinger models. Remember Abel builds some of the most dependable, trusted fly reels in the world and they bring this same craftsmanship to their fly fishing tools and accessories. Priced at $50 it needed to be worth the price of admission to convince anglers that owning one is worth the expense. The cost is due to the fact that this zinger is built in the USA with an aerospace grade aluminum housing and all stainless steel components. No other zinger out there uses these high end materials.

Quality Materials and Components

Cord breakage, the most common complaint about zingers, is negated with a Spectra/Nylon 40 lb test  cord.  The bombproof housing protects all this from damage. This zinger will even weather harsh saltwater environments.

Two different attachment options give anglers the ability to customize their system. A pin/screw mechanism attaches the housing directly to fabric or there is the S-carabiner which easily clips on to loops, D-rings or other convenient anchor points.

The Abel Zinger is available in four different colors, weighs 1.1 oz. and measures 1.75 x 1.3 x .59 inches.

Tired of dealing with cheap zingers and losing your favorite tools? Check out the Abel Zinger and all of our fly fishing accessories and tools at Vail Valley Anglers.

Brody Henderson, Guide and Content Writer