Colorado Winter Fly Fishing Report

Normally the month of January is probably the toughest month for winter fly fishing but the latest 2015 report has proved to be a little different. This year warmer than average temperatures have led to ideal conditions for catching trout. This weather pattern is forecast to remain constant in western and central Colorado for at least the next week or more.

Despite the open water and feeding trout, angler pressure has remained very low. Portions of the Eagle River that are normally iced over are open and fishing well. The Roaring Fork River, especially from Carbondale downstream, has been fishing extremely well for the past couple of weeks and there has even been a few fishing rising to midges in the afternoon on the lower river. Due to consistent air temps in the mid forties west of Glenwood Springs, the float fishing lately on the Lower Colorado River has been better than in any recent January. Trout that are normally sluggish and only willing to eat small midges and nymphs have been chasing streamers and eating aggressively.

Hot fly patterns have been red midge larvae, small rubber legged Twenty Inchers and beads pegged above small nymphs like a Fly Formerly Known as Prince.

Take advantage of these unusually warm winter fly fishing conditions in Colorado. Vail Valley Anglers is guiding every day and we even caught a few fish right behind the shop today in water that is almost always locked up in ice this time of year!

Brody Henderson, Guide and Content Writer