Ex Officio Sol Cool Ultimate Hoody Review

*Please note this product may no longer be available to purchase on our website*

Ex Officio’s Sol Cool Ultimate Hoody utilizes high-tech fabrics and superior sun protection to create a better piece of warm weather fly fishing apparel.  For decades, Ex Officio has been developing clothing specifically geared towards the rigors of angling in harsh climates. With technical features designed to ward off harsh rays and high temperatures,  The Sol Cool Hoody is designed for active anglers who spend long days on the water in hot, humid and sunny conditions.  While traditional fly fishing shirts with button-down collars, and dress shirt looks have their place, Ex Officio built a more practical, athletically inclined shirt for serious anglers and it is hard to beat the casual comfort and advanced performance of the Sol Cool Hoody.

Sol Cool Sun Protection

The overall design and performance of the Sol Cool Hoody is based on protecting anglers from harsh ultraviolet rays whether casting hoppers on a high-elevation western river or targeting tailing permit at sea level in the tropics. The hoody has the highest available UPF rating for a garment at 50+. However a high UPF rating only goes so far with a garment that only covers an angler’s torso and arms. The Sol Cool ramps up coverage with a fitted, 3-panel scuba style hood that covers head, neck, ears and nose. Additionally, thumb loops in the sleeves provide extra coverage on wrists and hands.

Sol Cool Technical Fabric and Features

The Sol Cool earns it name with Icefil treated synthetic fabric that dumps heat, breathes, wicks moisture and dries super fast. Lightweight and softly comfortable, wear it all day in comfort. For casting, hiking and rowing mobility, the material stretches for easy movement. Even in hot weather when anglers build up a sweat, the fabric is odor-resistant.

For added convenience, the Sol Cool is outfitted with several useful technical features that angler will appreciate. Ventilation at the armpits and back further increase the cooling effect of the garment by releasing both moisture and heat.  The asymmetrical mouth and nose cover also showcase mesh ventilation so facial sun coverage is maintained without heat buildup. Wash and care for the Sol Cool Ultimate Hoody is simple. It’s also durable and is a great piece of low-maintenance/high-performance angling apparel that is ideal for extended destination fly fishing trips or every day use on the river all summer. At $75, the Sol Cool from Ex Officio is a small price to pay for this kind of performance.

Brody Henderson, Guide and Content Writer