Fishpond Nomad Nets review

Over the last couple of years, Fishpond Nomad landing nets, have burst on to the fly fishing scene and have become a guide favorite at Vail Valley Anglers. Utilizing modern, lightweight, durable carbon fiber and fiberglass compounds for the frame, these landing nets are built to outlast and outperform standard wood landing nets. Some anglers prefer the classic beauty of a wood net, there is no denying they come with certain drawbacks. Wood breaks, wood rots and in order to be sturdy and durable wood landing nets are also on the heavy side. Nomad landing nets are just about unbreakable, impervious to sun or water, are both strong and light and float like a cork if dropped in the river.

Along with the attractive woven carbon fiber frame, Nomad’s new nets use a deep, clear rubber bag that is easy on the fish, doesn’t freeze up during winter fly fishing sessions and prevents hooks from getting snagged and tangled. Recently, Nomad updated their line of landing nets and added a few performance features that further improve their fly fishing mojo. Big, heavy fish are now even easier to scoop up for trophy grip and grins.  Nomad nets are available in the original green finish, the Tailwater Brown Trout pattern or their new River Camo.  A rubberized RiverKoat finish provides a solid grip even when wet.

Nomad Boat Net

With a long, 30 inch handle ideal for use while float fishing, the net our fly fishing float guides depend on has been altered slight for better performance. It has now has a bigger 16 x 24.75  inch  basket which makes landing large fish from a moving boat much easier. At only 1.6 pounds it handles like a wading net.

Nomad Mid-Length Boat Net

For anglers who fly fish from a boat and get out to wade choice runs, the Mid-Length Boat Net is a great choice. With an overall length of 44.75 inches and a handle of 20 inches, this hybrid has plenty of reach for stabbing fish from the boat and can be carried in your wading belt while stalking trout from shore. Our wade guides love this net for its extra reach. A larger 16 x 24.75 inch basket has also been added to this model.

Nomad Guide Net

The Guide Net is designed for corralling big fish with its 48 inch length and 13 x 18 inch basket. This net also works well from a boat or float tube and handles extremely well when you only have a split second to get the fish of the day in the bag. The Guide Net model features the RiverKoat finish in the original olive color.

Nomad Mid-Length Net

With a 37 inch span and a 13 x 18 inch basket, Nomad added some extra length in the handle of this landing net for wade anglers who prefer to carry their net stuffed between their waist and a pack or into their wading belt. The extra length makes landing fish easier. This net comes in original olive, Tailwater Brown Trout or River Camo.

Nomad Hand Net

The Hand Net is designed for anglers who prefer to carry landing nets on their back, suspended from a D-Ring and lanyard. Despite its shorter 26 inch length, the 13 x 18 inch basket handles long, heavy fish with ease. The Hand Net also comes in original olive, Tailwater Brown Trout, or River Camo.
With a landing net choice suitable for any fly fishing situation from floating huge western rivers to hiking into a backcountry creek, Nomad builds a modern, high quality ultra-lightweight landing net that stands up to abuse. Bigger baskets, longer handles and a grippy RiverKoat finish make Nomad an even more appealing choice for anglers who rely on their nets as a crucial piece of fly fishing equipment. Check out the new line of Nomad Landing Nets at Vail Valley Anglers.

Brody Henderson, Guide and Content Writer