Fly Fishing Gear Review| Titan Rod Vault

*Please note some of these products may no longer be available to purchase on the website*

What is the Titan Rod Vault?

Fly rod transportation is not usually a problem for most beginning anglers, but as you continue to pursue the sport and acquire multiple setups, the problem will grow. Few inventions within the last decade have impacted my fly fishing and guiding as significantly as the Titan Rod Vault by Bode Outfitters. The rod vault stands out in an industry driven by new gadgets and ideas. Long story short, this tool is no gimmick. It solves almost every problem that goes along with carrying your precious fly rods, from inconvenience to theft.

Its no secret that fly rods break more frequently in the car than on the water. Boots, waders, packs, nets, and dogs constantly going in and out of any car or truck pose a real threat to rods precariously stretched out between the back seats and dashboard. The only way to eliminate the problem is to store the rods outside of the vehicle, and the Rod Vault is the best answer. Made of durable aircraft grade aluminum, the vault will protect your rods from sun, rocks, hail, and dirt while separating them from the chaos that is always the inside of a fishing vehicle.

Theft Control

A few years ago my car was broken into here in Salt Lake City the evening after a fishing trip to the lower Provo river. The thief somehow avoided setting off the alarm, and I didn’t notice the break in until the next morning. His prizes included a stack of burnt CD’s, my vehicle‘s owners manual, and some prescription sunglasses. The three Sage rods and Abel reels in the Vault went untouched. There are several explanations for why the bandit made no effort to break the Vault open, but I think the amount of time required for a serious attempt on it was probably the main deterrent. The mounting hardware is surprisingly strong, and the lock is no pushover either. Titan Rod Vault 1, SLC Scumbag 0.

Rods always rigged

We all know that in trout fishing, sometimes even the smallest advantage can put us on more fish. When I pull up to the boat ramp at Carbondale on July 4th, rigging fly rods is the last thing on my mind because it is already done. The time I save by pre-rigging my rods puts me in the front of the line and ultimately puts me and my clients on more fish.

There are a lot of other choices out there for moving your fully rigged fly rods from the garage to the river, but none of them provide the security or convenience of the Titan Rod Vault. I even used to put all my rods facing backwards in a ski rack until a stray rock sailing through the air behind a logging truck connected with one of them, breaking the butt section. After witnessing and hearing story after story of rod holder failure on I-70 or the trough road, I decided to protect my investments with a tool designed for the professional angler and guide.

For answers to specific questions about the Titan Rod Vault, give the guys in the fly shop a call at (970) 926-0900. They are all Rod Vault owners too.

Andy “Otter” Smith, Guide and Content Writer