Fly Fishing Stocking Stuffers

Fly fishermen can be a hard group to shop for when the holidays roll around but there’s some accessories and gear that are always welcome fly fishing stocking stuffers. We go through tools, gadgets and terminal tackle pretty quickly and can always use more. These items don’t break the bank like a high end new rod or reel might and many anglers prefer making those purchases themselves because they know exactly what they want and might prefer something different if it isn’t the exact size or model they had in mind.

Tippet and Leaders

Tippet and leaders are something all anglers burn through in a typical day of fly fishing. Sometimes I purchase a spool of tippet or two every other day during the busy guiding season. Leaders also are regularly changed and new ones are greatly appreciated. Stick with the most commonly used sizes for the fish any particular angler targets. For trout, 3X-6X are best while an upcoming bonefish trip in the Bahamas would demand 8lb through 16lb sizes. 9ft leaders are the best all-around size but  some 7 ½ and 12 ft leaders are great for certain types of fly fishing.


Fly collections are another great last minute purchase. All anglers need them and there are some really great collections out there that focus on certain species and certain regions of the country as well as far off destinations like Alaska or the Caribbean. At Vail Valley Anglers we have some great fly collections from Umpqua Feather Merchants. Another route is to simply give the experts at the fly shop a dollar amount or number of flies and ask them to create a collection complete with a new fly box.

Forceps, Zingers, and Nippers

These are probably the most commonly used fly fishing tools and gadgets and they are also lost on a regular basis. I prefer scissor forceps with the mitten clamp grip because of their ease of use and versatility. Some anglers skip this version and use regular forceps in conjunction with a pair nippers for cutting tippet. To hold these tools and accessories in place on a fly fishing vest or pack it is a good idea to grab a zinger to keep tools from getting lost on the river.

Buff Face and Neck Sun Gaiter

Sunscreen is a necessary precaution on the water but it doesn’t make for a very flashy gift. Buffs do and they come in such a wide range of colorful, artistic designs you can easily customize the gift of a Buff for any anglers. They provide superior sun protection for the face and neck and many winter sports enthusiasts also use them for a bit of added warmth.

Gift Cards

When in doubt, go the gift card route. They are fast, simple and all you have to do is choose the dollar amount and you’re good to go. You don’t have to make a decision on what to buy and the lucky angler gets to make a trip to the fly shop to pick out some new gear.

For more fly fishing stocking stuffer advice stop by Vail Valley Anglers in Edwards, Colorado or check out our online store where we have some great Christmas specials going on right now!

Brody Henderson, Guide and Content Writer