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Gear Review | Rising Fly Fishing Tools

Rising nets and tools

I tore into the UPS box like it was Christmas morning. Anticipating the arrival of new fly fishing gear compounds my excitement for the coming season. An inadvertent step by another guide had placed a permanent split in the laminated wood of my “so called” high-end boat net spurring the necessity to purchase a new piece of gear. A guide without a boat net on a float trip could ruin the day. But where do you begin? The market for quality nets is mighty deep. You can shop for traditional wood varieties, fancy fiberglass models and collapsible compact nets. A quick look at the immense variety of nets stocked ready for purchase at Vail Valley Anglers reaffirms this fact. So when I embarked on the daunting task of selecting a quality, durable, bullet-proof net for my guided float trips I worked my way through a lot of nets before arriving at the “Cadillac” of nets from a company named Rising.

Rising Company history

Rising developed in 2004 from the desire to produce higher quality fly fishing tools that would ease the entire fly fishing experience from vise to river and back to the barbeque. Dylan Rothwell has been producing unique, well thought out and highly engineered fly fishing tools, nets and accessories ever since. American made, and proud of it, Rising tools has earned a loyal following in the fly fishing world.

With a modest offering of fly fishing tools and super-strong, machined aluminum nets Rising produces some of the industry’s most sought after equipment. The entire list of high quality gear is too long to include in this blog. However a few standout favorites on my vest and in my boat would be the Big Nippa, Bob’s Tactical Curved, the Ultralight (mitten style) forceps and of course the Lunker model net.

Rising Tools Closeup

Big Nippa

Rising has designed some well thought out tools for anglers to adorn your vest. The Big Nippa has become a personal favorite because of the wide, sharp blades. Able to cut heavy Saltwater tippets and possessing a broad, no-slip surface the Big Nippa is the nipper to use when you don’t want to risk loosing a $100 pair because they don’t float.

The Ultralight

As a “mitten” style set of forceps the Ultralight is a recognizable addition on any Guide’s vest. Popular for the ease of use the Ultralight is easily operable by right or left hand. The nonslip texture found on all of the Rising handles helps this tool to hold steady in your wet and fish slimed hands. The serrated scissor edge of the Ultralight can handle cutting the finest 7X tippet as well as 50lb fluorocarbon for your Saltwater rigging.

Bob’s Tactical Curved

Bob’s Tactical Curved is an homage to Dalton’s Grandfather and the most used tool attached to my boat bag. This tool features a wide, multi-finger handle on one side and an over-sized thumb loop on the other. The non-slip texture rounds out the Tactical Curved, providing a sure grip during a variety of applications. It won’t let you down – fromcutting braided line, crimping down heavy barbs or reaching deep into the mouth of a Northern Pike to retrieve a $12 fly. I can’t overstate how important it is to quickly grab this tool, as a Guide speed is often a necessity. The handle design allows a Guide to efficiently adjust your nymph rig, crimp down streamer barbs and sever heavy tippet, fly line or backing if needed.

Rising Nets

Rising makes a few different models of aluminum nets, the Brookie, Lunker and Boat net. Handles start at 10”for the Brookie. The Lunker has a 24” handle. And the Boat net is equipped with a 38” long handle able to reach out and grab them! The anodized aluminum comes in a variety of colors that can match anything from your boat to your alma mater. All of the net models feature heavy surface machining to provide a no blame grip when the moment of truth arrives. My Lunker model is dressed up with a black net bag to show off the fish more easily in Keep Em Wet photos. And the machined de-Liar measurements at 12″, 16″, 18″, 19″, 20″, 21” quickly survey trophy fish for indisputable bragging rights.

All of the Rising tools are able to be engraved. My vest tools and boat bag tool all have my name engraved on them. Not only does this prevent loss but looks about as professional as it gets. The Lunker model net I purchased has my name engraved on the net as well as my phone number. Should I leave it on the bank while wading or if my daughter leaves it at the boat ramp after a float I have a pretty good feeling another angler with good karma will give me a call.


Lets not stop there with all the feel good amenities for the Rising series of nets. Should you find that Brookie model or the Lunker is not quite long enough?  You can make an easy purchase and easily install the 14” handle extension – solving the desire to lengthen your reach. Purchased in a different color and your net really starts to show some style. One of the unique features of the Rising nets is the ability to have a secure dry storage inside the capped handle. Many anglers have toasted trophy trout with a shot of whiskey from the waterproof handle flask of a Rising net. I myself am guilty. A handle flask is a bonus feature I have never found on another net. The 10” Brookie handle holds 4oz of liquid and the Boat net’s 38” handle holds 10oz of your favorite intoxicant if you were curious.

Rising fly fishing tools provide anglers with high quality, ergonomically designed, angler friendly products. The Rising series of American made, machined aluminum nets are quickly being recognized as the net to have when it comes to durability and customizable design. Pick up a Rising tool for yourself the next time you visit Vail Valley Anglers shop and feel the attention Dylan puts into all of his products. Vail Valley Anglers has a large selection of Rising nets for anglers to choose from as well.

Michael Salomone, Vail Valley Anglers Guide and Content Writer