Getting the Edge Float Fishing

The Advantages of Float Fly Fishing

Why float fish people often ask? A multitude of answers begin to swirl in the head over the basic question. The most obvious answer is that it is extremely enjoyable. The advantages float fishermen realize when boating is why so many anglers make the effort to fish from a boat.
Let’s examine several reasons why fly fishermen enjoy boating:

Basic Camaraderie:

You can converse with the oarsman or you’re fishing companion while you fish.


Accouterments like drink holders, leg supports and seats offer anglers comfort not attainable while wading your favorite river. And how about the convenient access to the cooler for a cold beverage or snack?


Dry storage on board allows the fishermen to stow rain gear and extra clothing for quick access when the weather changes suddenly.

Better Casting:

Fly casting from a hard bottom drift boat or a raft with some type of supported frame is more comfortable on the feet then wading on top of the algae covered bowling balls found on the bottom of most trout streams. While standing from a float boat you can see a greater portion of the water and have more room for longer casts. The casting angles required to present a streamer successfully are much easier to achieve on a boat verse on the bank. When wade fishing, poor casting sends fish to the bottom searching for a place to hide, while float fishing offers new opportunities around almost every bend in the stream and more chances at fish.

Better Leverage:

More leverage from above gives you better options when mending your fly line for drag free drifts.

Improved Presentation:

You can get a better presentation to rising fish by positioning the boat so anglers can present their fly without scaring the fish. Longer presentations or drifts are obtained when float fishing providing the possibilities of more strikes.

Private Water Access:

Access through private water can contribute to better fishing. Check the laws in the state you plan to float before embarking. For example, here in Colorado we can float through private water but we cannot anchor or get out of the boat. Floating private stretches offer the anglers access to premium water not available to the general public. The general ability to cover more ground, access better spots, find feeding fish can be more advantageous.

Increased Safety:

Senior anglers are sometimes challenged walking in moving water and wading safely, being in a boat eliminates these challenges.

More Control:

Every angler likes big fish and a boat gives you a much better opportunity to land a large trout.  If the fish is heading for a snag you are in a better position to lead it away from potential danger.  Following a fish from a boat will enable you to keep a short line and gain more control while trying to land the fish.

More Scenery:

Boaters get more scenery and see more wildlife during the course of day’s fishing.

Schedule a Float Fishing Trip in Colorado

Floating can offer more solitude, be more adventurous and sometimes offer a greater level of excitement as the boats travel in steep canyons and down tumultuous descents over boiling rapids.

Instructing guides for rowing certification for fifteen years and putting down 20 thousand plus commercial river miles has made me a strong believer in the advantages of float fishing. Give floating a try. Contact us today to schedule your float fishing trip in Colorado.