Hatch Finatic 2 Plus Fly Reel

*Please note this product may no longer be available to purchase on our website*
Since 2005, the designers at Hatch Outdoors have been creating some of the finest, heirloom quality, CNC machined fly reels on the planet and their latest addition, the Finatic 2 Pus reel, is no exception. The new Finatic 2 Plus is made to bridge the gap between the existing 1 Plus and 3 Plus sizes so that dry fly fishermen everywhere can experience the power, durability, and beauty that comes standard with every Hatch Reel.

Unique Features

Along with the quality craftsmanship and obsessive attention to detail that goes into every reel in the Finatic line, Hatch Outdoors has built in several unique features that allow the Finatic reels to go beyond the limits of other fly reels in the same class. The first of these is the fully machined reel seat. Hatch Outdoors is one of the only fly reel companies in the world that does this, and the result is a stronger connection between the reel’s frame and seat and an eliminated corrosion point between the two pieces. This leads into the next feature, which is the unpolished, machined finish on every Finatic reel. The Finatic reels are not polished or cleaned up after the CNC machining process, which gives the reels their beautiful, raw metal appearance. Other notable features that separate the Finatic reels from the rest of the pack include a positive “power flower” frame-to-spool connection, quick change spare spools with a precision weighted counterbalance, and a built in hook guard, all of which are incredibly useful across the entire range of Finatic sizes.

2 Plus Drag System

Hatch built the new Finatic 2 Plus with the same stacked Rulon and stainless steel multi-disc drag system. While some might argue that a high performance drag system is unnecessary in a small freshwater reel like the 2 Plus, a more in depth look shows otherwise. The liquid smooth operation, extremely low start-up inertia, and strong stopping power of the Hatch drag system. It is fully sealed and completely maintenance free. Meaning that it works flawlessly season after season, no matter where you take it. The drag system in the Finatic 2 Plus reel will make sure that you are totally prepared when you unexpectedly hook that 17 inch monster brown trout that was lurking in the depths beneath the tiny rising cutthroat.

The power, finesse, and feather-like weight of the Finatic 2 Plus from Hatch Outdoors is sure to meet your high standards, whether you are in pursuit of native cutthroat high in the Rocky Mountains or casting attractor patterns to ferocious brook trout in a West Virginia freestone. While you might not need to fight small, wild fish on the reel, once you begin using the Finatic 2 Plus from Hatch Outdoors, you will probably want to. For more information or to take a closer look at the Finatic 2 Plus and the rest of the Finatic reel line, visit Vail Valley Anglers in Edwards, Colorado and get advice from one of the experts in the fly shop.

Andy “Otter” Smith, Guide and Content Writer