Hatch Nomad Pliers Review

*Please note this product may no longer be available to purchase on our website*
The Hatch Nomad Pliers fit the bill for a key but often overlooked piece of fly fishing gear for anglers who cast for toothy critters in fresh or salt water. A quality pair of fly fishing pliers is necessary to safely remove hooks from fish like pike or bluefish. Additionally, they are necessary for building leaders and tying knots with thick shock tippet as well as crimping down barbs on heavy saltwater hooks or cutting wire bite guards. A good, durable pair of fly fishing pliers will also be completely corrosion resistant in order to stand up to saltwater. The Hatch Nomad Pliers feature all of these attributes and more.

On a recent pike fly fishing trip on the Yampa River, these pliers passed the test with flying colors. With some fish deeply inhaling big flies, the hooks were quickly removed from pike up to fifteen pounds with no bloody fingers. They were easy to operate and manipulate and cut 60 lb monofilament tippet and wire bite guards easily.

Lightweight Durable Construction

The Nomad Pliers from Hatch are constructed from lightweight, super strong 6061T6 aluminum. This material is durable and tough and will hold up to years of abuse. With a Type II anodized finish, corrosion resistance is bolstered and the pliers are impervious to saltwater oxidation.  At only 3.9 ounces they feel good in the hand and feature ergonomic grips.

Multi-purpose Jaws

The jaws of the Nomad Pliers were designed by Hatch to perform multiple tasks. The spring loaded design opens the jaws automatically for simple use. The flat, cross cut jaw surface grips hooks, tippet or wire even when wet. Dual tungsten carbide cutting blades are replaceable and corrosion resistant. They are extremely sharp and cut with little effort.

Added Features

The Hatch Nomad Pliers are slightly shorter than other models of a similar design for fast work while still providing plenty of reach for pulling hooks out of pike or barracuda, saving fingers from nasty cuts. Dual blades are useful and one blade can be used for wire and the other for monofilament or fluorocarbon tippet.  A leather case provides a sturdy storage space and rides comfortably on a belt. The bungee lanyard ensures the pliers stay attached and don’t get lost in the drink. Speaking of drinks, the Nomad Pliers feature a bottle opener on one arm for post-fishing celebratory beers at the dock. Multiple color configurations give anglers the option of customizing the look they enjoy the most. At $280, these pliers are a bargain that will last a lifetime and compare with much higher priced models from the competition.

For more information on the Nomad Pliers or any Hatch fly fishing product consult the experts at Vail Valley Anglers or go to the fly fishing tool page on our website.

Brody Henderson,  Guide and Content Writer