Hatch Saltwater Fly Line Review

*Please note this product may no longer be available to purchase on our website*
This year, Hatch Outdoors introduced anglers to its new selection of fly lines. This gives saltwater fly fishermen three high performance fly line choices. Rather than pushing a never ending series of species specific lines on saltwater anglers. Hatch Outdoors decided to keep their selection simple and straightforward. Flats fishermen can easily choose between weight forward floating, weight forward intermediate, and full sinking lines. All of the new Hatch Fly Lines are manufactured by BVG-Airflo. Given their proprietary fly line technologies to enhance casting, shooting, and line durability.

Ridge Technology

All of the new Hatch Fly Lines feature BVG-Airflo’s Ridge Technology. Small longitudinal grooves along the length of the fly line reduce friction between the line and the guides of the rod, the air, and the surface of the water. This reduction in friction helps you to cast with greater ease and shoot your line further. An important benefit when you are up against spooky flats species like bonefish. It also makes for easier line pickups so that you can begin each cast with more line. The main thing that most flats fishermen will notice with the Ridge Technology is that the reduced friction trims down the number of false casts they need to make with each presentation. This greatly increases the chances of hooking the fish of a lifetime.

PVC Free

Perhaps one of the best features of Hatch Outdoors‘ new series of fly lines is that they are all manufactured without the use of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC is known to break down after exposure to outdoor elements like dirt, saltwater, and UV light. As it degrades, it cracks and releases microscopic plastic particles into its surrounding environment – in this case, the ocean. The non-PVC construction of the new Hatch Fly Lines not only reduces micro pollution, but also increases the line’s life expectancy by eliminating cracking from exposure to the elements. Airflo’s proprietary polyurethane blend is made to resist cracking and degradation for a much longer time, while remaining supple and memory free, giving you the best presentations possible.

If you are ready to replace your old saltwater line, but are dreading the process of sifting through the endless three letter acronyms and species specific features, consider taking the easy road and picking up a new Hatch Fly Line. They are all made in natural colors that are easy to see, but still blend in with their surroundings, and are available in a wide variety of sizes so that you can use them almost anywhere you go.

Andy “Otter” Smith, Guide and Content Writer