Korkers Devils Canyon Wading Boot Review

Korkers bootThe Devils Canyon Wading Boots are the latest offering from Korkers Footwear. They are engineered to take you further than any other wading boots on the market. These boots prove that you do not need a heavy clunker of a wading boot to get deep into the wilderness. Their lightweight construction, high tech Boa lacing system, and OmniTrax adaptable traction technology gives you the support and traction you need to take on rugged terrain without weighing you down or wearing you out. If you are looking for one boot that you can wear to any fly fishing destination no matter the season, Korkers’ new Devils Canyon Wading Boot might be the one for you.

Hydrophobic Materials

The Devils Canyon Wading Boots are made with quick-drying synthetic materials. This makes for a more comfortable hiking and wading experience. It also reduces your chances of accidentally introducing aquatic nuisance species. These include New Zealand mud snails and zebra mussels into uncontaminated river systems. The hydrophobic properties of the new Devils Canyon Boots make it easier for you to completely clean and dry them out. Therefore killing aquatic nuisance species and preventing them from invading new watersheds via your boots.

M2 Boa Lacing System

These days, the new Boa lacing system can be found on all kinds of specialty footwear. This system is now popular on hiking boots, ski boots, and now on many fly fishing wading boots. Several models of Korkers wading boots now feature this durable, easy to use lacing system, including the Devils Canyon Boots. High test steel cables replace cloth laces. A ratcheting dial locks the cable down to ensure a tight, supportive fit. Broken boot laces and constant tying and retying are a thing of the past with the new M2 Boa system.

OmniTrax Adaptable Traction System

The best feature of the new Devils Canyon Wading Boot is its OmniTrax adaptable traction system. It lets you switch between different soles easily. This allows anglers to select the one that is most appropriate for the conditions and terrain in which you are fishing. For example, you can choose the studded Kling-On rubber soles for winter wade fishing. Whereas the non-studded Kling-On rubber soles are better suited for float trips. Further, the felt soles are great for trips to extra slippery rivers. OmniTrax lets you change out your soles without sitting down or taking the boot off. This means you can adapt quickly and stay totally prepared for whatever conditions lie ahead.

The new Devil’s Canyon Wading Boots from Korkers are a great choice for almost any river in the world. They offer support, comfort, and a variety of traction options, making them one of the most versatile pieces of fly fishing footwear ever. To learn more about these high tech boots, or to try them on, visit Vail Valley Anglers in Edwards, Colorado and let one of our in store experts show you why you can not go wrong with a pair of Devils Canyon Wading Boots from Korkers.

Andy “Otter” Smith, Guide and Content Writer