Loop Cross S1 Fly Rod Review

*Please note this product may no longer be available to purchase on our website*

Loop has long been an innovator in high-quality, technically advanced fly fishing reels and rods and the new Cross S1 line of rods is no exception. Designed for lightweight strength and castability, the Cross S1 fly rods utilize new composite materials that have set the bar for all-around, on-the-water performance. For every angler and any fly fishing situation there is a Cross S1 that matches up with specific angling goals. From small stream trout, to big permit tailing on windy Caribbean flats or steelhead fresh from the ocean in brawling Northwestern rivers, Loop has built a Cross S1 that anglers will appreciate.

Loop Cross S1 and Powerlux Composites

All of the new Cross S1 feature Powerlux Composite fly rod materials that were tested and designed over a period of two years. The Powerlux materials help to achieve Loop’s goal of creating fly rod that casts well with a minimum of effort.

The use of Powerlux composites by 3M makes the Cross S1 one of the strongest rods in its class, and allows the angler to deliver accurate casts at both short and long distances with minimal effort. Powerlux technology works by essentially filling in the empty spaces between the carbon fibers with tiny sphereical silica particles. This drastically increases both the strength and responsiveness of the rod. By controlling the elasticity to strict standards, the Cross S1 flexes evenly over the length of the rod while dampening vibration which results in smoother casts that load easier. As an added benefit, the Powerlux is also very light with the result being a rod that casts extremely well over a range of distances with a more efficient transfer of energy from the angler to the rod.

Loop Cross S1

The single-handed Cross S1 is built a in wide range weights and lengths. For casts as short as ten feet out to thirty meters, there may not be a better fly rod on the market. Beginning at $795, with lengths running from 8 ½ feet to ten feet and weight ranging from 3 to 9, there is a Cross S1 for everything from beaver pond brook trout to giant northern pike.

Loop Cross S1 Flatsman

The Cross S1 Flatsman by Loop is a saltwater fly rod that will meet the demands of the most technically difficult fly fishing. The Cross S1 Flatsman by Loop is an extremely durable, high-performance fly rod that won’t let you down in the face of a tailing permit or laid up tarpon. Starting at $845,  the 9 foot models are available in 6 through twelve weight cover everything from small bonefish to giant trevally.

Loop Cross S1 Double Handed

For steelheading, Loop’s revolutionary Cross S1 Double Handed Fly Rod blends strength and controlled elasticity in a lightweight, medium-fast action fly rod that delivers crisp, effortless casts for spey and switch anglers. With a very light overall weight and powerfully inherent strength, this translates into tight loops across prime runs with minimal effort.

Cross S1 Features

  • Powerlux composites for lightweight strength and controlled elasticity
  • High-grade reinforced cork handle
  • 3-pin aluminum reel seat
  • Recoil snake and stripping guides
  • Included rod sack and aluminum tube

Try casting a new Loop Cross S1 or any check out any of the new Loop fly fishing products at the Vail Valley Anglers fly shop in Edwards and see why we’re so excited about these rods.

Brody Henderson, Guide and Content Writer