Loop OPTi Series Fly Reel Review

Loop Opti ReelLoop Tackle introduced anglers to the first large arbor fly reel ever created. Since then, nearly every reel manufacturer in the world has copied their large arbor design for freshwater and saltwater reels. Loop’s new Opti fly reels are the latest evolution of the original large arbor reels. They come in a variety of models and sizes with species-specific features to enable you to take on any gamefish you find. Every Opti fly reel is fully machined from a single piece of aircraft grade aluminum. The reel is then anodized for a lifetime of scratch and corrosion resistance.

Loop’s attention to detail throughout the manufacturing process is highlighted by little things. These include the precision weighted counterbalances on each spool. Furthermore, every single screw is set in place with Loc-Tite. Each Opti reel is built around Loop’s Power Matrix drag system. The Power Matrix drag system was created to be smooth enough to protect the finest tippets and smallest hooks. However, it’s powerful enough to stop blistering runs from the fastest and biggest fish on the planet.

OPTi Creek

Loop Reel

Loop’s OPTi Creek reel is the smallest offering in the OPTi series. It has a 3.35 inch diameter and weighs in at a feathery 4.23 ounces. This makes it ideal for 3 and 4 weight lines. The buttery-smooth Power Matrix dag system will not place extra stress on thin leaders during high mountain battles with feisty brook and cutthroat trout. The OPTi Creek reel is the perfect tool to take with you anywhere a 16 inch native trout is considered a trophy.

OPTi Dry Fly

General purpose trout fishing requires equipment that is highly versatile, and the OPTi Dry Fly reel is just that. It is big enough for 4, 5, and 6 weight lines and light enough for all-day casting. Whether you are fishing streamers from a boat, dredging the bottom during runoff, or drifting dry flies to sipping rainbows, the OPTi Dry Fly is an excellent choice.

OPTi Speedrunner

Bonefish and steelhead are two species that can expose the weaknesses of all but the finest fly reels, and Loop Tackle created a formidable opponent when they made the OPTi Speedrunner. Some of my favorite features on the OPTi Speedrunner are the ultra-large diameter and inset handle. These work together to help you retrieve line quickly. This is vital in order to keep up with the fastest fish in the world. Whether you are headed to the rolling rivers of the Pacific Northwest, or the salty flats of the Caribbean, make sure not to go without an OPTi Speedrunner.

Other reels in the OPTi series include the Runner, Strike, Megaloop, and Big. These all have a specific purpose so that no matter where you fish, Loop has you covered. Their products are high performance, large arbor fly reels. If you have more questions or to take a look at a Opti series fly reel up close, stop by VVA in Edwards, Colorado.

Andy “Otter” Smith, Guide and Content Writer