Meet the New Orvis Helios Fly Rod

The wait is over the folks over at Orvis have finally released the all-new Helios Fly Rod. This extraordinary new design delivers unprecedented accuracy and the backbone to deliver when you need it most. Designed and rigorously tested to perform in the most demanding conditions, the all-new Helios™ D Fly Rod is the go-everywhere, fish-anything option for anglers demanding effortless all-day casting from a rod that pushes the bounds of durability. From tight-quarter trout streams to double hauling on salt flats, the Helios D series delivers a crisp and balanced feel with more lifting power when fish make blitzing runs under the boat or thrashes at the net. Anything is possible with the world’s most accurate fly rod in your hands.

We asked our own Andy Leister to break down the new rod for us. 

What makes the new Helios fly rod better than its predecessors? 

Andy: “First off, the rod is an absolute joy when you first pick it up and cast it.  It not only does its predecessors proud, but takes it up another level while decreasing swing weight and increasing accuracy. The rod is robust, light in the hand, easy and fun to cast, and a serious fishing weapon. It will be obvious when you cast it for the first time. You have to stop by the shop to cast this rod.”

How would you describe the accuracy and durability of the new Helios fly rod? 

Andy: The accuracy of this rod is as good as a company can make it.  The rest is up to you! I’ve seen the data, and it’s off the charts from a scientific perspective.  That being said, any angler, beginner, or veteran, owes it to themselves to go cast this beautiful rod in person at their local fly shop. It will not disappoint.

What fishing application are you most excited to use the new rod for? 

Andy: I’m the most excited to fish dries during the caddis hatch with the Helios F rods to be honest.  A most distant goal (physically) is chasing tarpon and permit with the Helios D rods.  This lineup is solid from top to bottom and the opportunities are only limited to your imagination.

What is your preferred rod length and weight in the new Helios for everyday angling in Colorado? 

Andy: The best rod and length-weight for fly fishing Colorado is a 9 foot 5 weight. Some might say it’s cliché, but countess fish have been fooled with this setup so what’s the gripe? The Helios F and D are both phenomenal tools in these specifications and beyond.  For anglers that seek a “do it all” premium fly rod for Rocky Mountain fly fishing rod, this is a no brainer.  Go cast it, you’ll see.

The all-new rod is available in two different actions, “D” or Distance and “F” Finesse. The “D” is your faster action stiffer version of the fly rod and the “F” is a little softer and meant for sensitivity and delicate presentations. Each version comes in a variety of different sizes and lengths from small stream applications to larger saltwater big game applications.

Learn more about the Orvis Helios F Series Fly Rod HERE.

Learn more about the Orvis Helios D Series Fly Rod HERE.

Stop by the fly shop to cast one for yourself you won’t be disappointed.