Nautilus NV-G Fly Reel Review

*Please note this product may no longer be available to purchase*
If you are of the opinion that a freshwater fly reel is simply line storage, and that start up inertia, stopping power, and pickup speed do not make a big difference on the water, the Nautilus NV-G fly reel is not for you. This feature heavy engineering marvel is designed to bring in the most ferocious game fish you may encounter in the world’s wildest places. It is strong enough to stop bonefish and steelhead, but light enough to cast comfortably to sipping rainbow trout all day. The features of the Nautilus NV-G are designed for saltwater fly fishermen, but just as helpful to freshwater anglers.

Low Start Up Inertia

Everyone talks about the importance of drag systems that have a low start up inertia, but most anglers do not understand why it is an important feature for their everyday freshwater fly fishing. Low start up inertia is designed to keep light tippet and small hooks in place during the first few seconds of a large fish’s run. It is at this time, when the drag system is just starting to engage, that the tackle is under the most pressure. Any stickiness or hiccups here can lead to broken gear and a lost fish. The Nautilus NV-G fly reel comes with the award winning NV CCF (cork and carbon fiber) disc
braking system. This drag unit delivers a start up inertia of less than one percent, meaning that when
that monster brown trout takes off and clears your slack line, you can trust it to engage smoothly
without breaking your 6X tippet or pulling your size 20 hook out.

Giga Spools and Uber-Arbor

The second that that powerful brown trout takes a break from ripping through fifty feet of hard
current, you need to close that gap as fast as possible. Whether you are turning the fish back towards
you or sprinting downstream to catch up, you need to pick up as much line as you can, as fast as
you can. Stripping line with your hands is one way to do this, but it leaves you with several yards of
messy, tangled line that could become a problem if the fish takes off a second time. The best way to
accomplish this task is to crank in extra line with every turn of a Nautilus NV-G reel with their new G
Spool. These extra large arbor spools retrieve line faster than any other spool out there. The ability to
pick line up faster and more smoothly enables fishermen to keep steady, even pressure on the fish at all times during the fight.

Custom Colors

Most fly reels come in a few different colors. With a new Nautilus NV-G fly reel you have your choice
of nine unique colors including blue, violet, orange, and purple. Custom colors take a few weeks to
arrive and cost an extra one hundred dollars per reel, and fifty dollars per spool.

Go to Vail Valley Anglers in Edwards, CO to take a look at the new Nautilus NV-G fly reels and see
why these high tech saltwater features are just as critical in the freshwater rivers and streams of the

Andy “Otter” Smith, Guide and Content Writer