New Sage Fly Rods Review

*Please note some of these products may no longer be available to purchase on the website*
Sage is well-known as an innovator in the world of fly rods. They have introduced several new models of rods recently that have already proven to be high-performance, high-technology winners. At Vail Valley Anglers many of our guides exclusively use Sage fly rods and they are excited about the new options available. From all-around trout rods, to fast-action cannons, new spey rods, and specialty rods designed specifically for bass, pike and musky, Sage has a new rod in the quiver.

Sage Mod Fly Rod

Sage is famous for designing powerful fast-action fly rods that excel at distance casting. The Sage Mod goes against the grain here and introduces an all-around, workhorse fly rod that will appeal to anglers who prefer a slightly softer action. The moderate action in this new fly rod a is little more forgiving than a rod such as the One and loads easily with little effort.  When an angler may be executing short roll casts with a nymph rig and then casting small dry flies to spooky trout during the same outing, the Mod is a great choice. The Mod also has the backbone to shoot longer casts with heavy streamers. The Mod is also available for spey casters in two-handed models.

Sage Pulse Fly Rod

The Pulse is the latest member of Sage’s fast-action family but comes in at price point that is appealing to anglers who want a high-performance fly rod at an affordable price. Graphite IIIe technology gibes the Pulse lightweight power and all-around versatility. From plucking small trout from beaver ponds to delivering long, accurate casts to big bonefish and even swinging spey flies on huge coastal rivers for steelhead, there is a Sage Pulse that will get the job done.

Sage Bass II Fly Rod

Sage recently updated their specialty rods and released the Bass II. The short tournament legal length combined with a heavy-duty fast action and Sage’s custom bass fly line work together to fire bulky flies into thick cover and rip fish out of weed bed jungles. Each Bass II comes with a matched fly line designed specifically for the fly rod. Sage has a added a Peacock Bass model that will handle the toughest fish in the Amazon. Incidentally, the Bass II is also a favorite fly rod for saltwater anglers who fish for tarpon and snook in the tight quarters of mangrove creeks and lagoons.

Sage Pike and Musky Fly Rod

Built on the same platform as the Bass II, Sage’s Pike and Musky Fly Rod meets the increasing popularity of fly fishing for the meanest, toothiest predators in fresh water. Foot-long, heavy, wind-resistant musky flies are a nightmare to cast with conventional fly rods but Sage has designed this rod with generation 5 technology to cast these huge patterns with ease when the rod is outfitted with one of Rio’s specialty Pike or Musky fly lines. Another detail added to the Pike and Musky rod is a longer, extended fighting butt developed for performing figure 8 loops next to the boat to get that musky to commit and inhale your fly.

Sage Little One

The Sage Little One features the same proven Konnetic technology as its larger cousins but is scaled down in size and weight to create a high-tech fly rod developed specifically for small stream trout fishing.  Available in the tiny 00 weight through 4 weight, the rod features a specialty ultralight specific Super Plus snub-nose half-wells grip. Small fly rods often sacrifice performance but the Sage Little One has everything fans on the popular One series of fly rods will appreciate.

Check these and all the Sage Fly Rods at Vail Valley Anglers. Where our guides and shop staff use them every day and can help you choose your next fly rod.

Brody Henderson, Guide and Content Writer