New Umpqua Products Review

Since 1972, Umpqua Feather Merchants has been creating some of the deadliest flies and most innovative fly fishing accessories in the world. Their commitment to quality and innovation has earned them the respect of anglers and guides everywhere. Their new products for the 2016 fishing year have pushed the boundaries of angling design further than ever, and are sure to help fly fishermen everywhere catch more fish and have more fun on the water. Here is a quick look at some of my favorite new products from Umpqua Feather Merchants.

Leader and Tippet Material

The new lineup of leaders and tippet material offered by Umpqua Feather Merchants is designed to give the angler extreme performance and complete control in any fishing situation on the planet. Umpqua produces over 200 different tapered leaders so that have been specifically designed to take on everything from big saltwater gamefish to spooky high mountain trout. It is safe to say that no other tackle company offers as wide a variety of specialty leaders as Umpqua Feather Merchants.  


Tongass Waterproof Line

Named after one of the wettest places on earth, the new Tongass bags and packs make up an uncompromising collection of waterproof gear bags that are as bombproof as they are user friendly. Unlike most waterproof choices available today, the Tongass bags are incredibly easy to get in and out of, which lets you, the angler, focus more on catching fish and less on fussing with stiff, heavy fabric and unyielding zippers. My favorites are the Tongass Dry Bags, which pack down small and light, but offer the same rugged water resistance that you would expect from a roll top dry bag. I take one with me everywhere and break it out whenever I expect to get wet.


Zerosweep Bags, Packs, and Vests

Umpqua’s new Zerosweep line of vests, bags, and packs is designed with exceptionally clean lines in order to eliminate places where fly line catches while you fish. Every pocket, tool port, and strap is conveniently hidden so that nothing gets in the way while you are shooting line or getting a big fish on to the reel. My favorite Zerosweep pack is the Ledges 500 ZS Waist Pack.


New Flies

It would be unwise to talk about new Umpqua gear without mentioning their flies. Each year they put out dozens of brand new patterns for fresh and saltwater anglers that, if used correctly, are sure to fool even the most suspicious fish. Some of my favorite new trout flies for 2016 are the Morrish May Day in BWO and PMD, the Laser Pointer Green Drake, the Radiation Baetis, and Nick’s Fat Caddass. I have tested these and not only do they look great, but more importantly, they work very well when used during the appropriate hatches.

You can see it all here or swing by the fly shop in Edwards, Colorado to take a closer look at and to get your hands on all of the new gear from Umpqua Feather Merchants before your next trip to the water.

*Please note some of these products may no longer be available to purchase on the website*

Andy “Otter” Smith, Guide and Content Writer