Part Two: How to Take The Perfect Fish Picture

Great fish pictures don’t just happen by accident. The angler, the fish, and the cameraman have to work together to capture the moment. In the previous installment, I talked about the things that the fisherman can do to make the picture better. But that’s only half of the battle! The cameraman is just as responsible for the end product as the angler or the fish. Although it is nice, you don’t need a high end camera or lens to show off a great catch. If you pay attention to these easy tips, you can take great fish photos with an iPhone.

Tip No. 1) Know the Rule Of Thirds

The composition of your photo is important, and can be done right fairly easily if you remember the rule of thirds. Imagine a tic-tac-toe grid on the frame of your image, and try to place the focus at the intersecting points of the grid. For example, try setting up so that the fish’s head and lead fins are in the bottom third of the picture slightly to one side or the other. Our eyes are naturally drawn to these parts of a photograph more so than the center. Many times I try to place the horizon straight along one of my two horizontal grid lines to avoid the appearance of the world sliding one way or the other. Use the rule of thirds, and you will compose more interesting and attractive fish pictures.

Tip No. 2) Know When to Use Your Flash

If your camera is equipped with a flash it can be a good idea to use it even on a sunny day. When the sun is high and bright, your photograph will have a lot of contrast, which makes it hard for your camera to show everything accurately. Using the right amount of fill flash can brighten the shady areas (such as the anglers face if he is wearing a hat) without “washing out” the fish or the background.

Tip No. 3) Communicate to Get the Best Result Possible

The fisherman who caught the fish is in charge of how he holds the fish, but the cameraman needs to be in charge of where he holds it. Small adjustments in the angle or position of the fish can make a big difference in how it looks. Many fish caught in bright sunlight need to be tilted down or left or right to escape the harsh glare that can cause hot spots.

Tip No. 4) Don’t Take Just One Picture

If you are the one holding the camera, it is your job to take a lot of pictures. One is never enough, and the more you have with different angles and amounts of flash, the more likely it is that you got the right one. Remember that neither you–nor the angler–will ever see this fish again. These days, when photos are almost exclusively digital, don’t hesitate to snap away!

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