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Patagonia Great Divider III

*Please note this product may no longer be available to purchase on the website*
The Patagonia great Divider III fly fishing and boat bag is the latest version of the Great Divider which has always been popular with anglers in fresh and saltwater. Key attributes of the Patagonia Great Divider have always been bombproof durability, intuitive organization, plenty of fly fishing gear capacity and waterproof protection. I’ve seen many flyfishing guides who have used soft-sided nylon boat bags become Great Divider onverts when they witness firsthand the toughness and simplicity of this gear bag.

Changes to the New Great Divider III

Patagonia made a few key changes to the newest version of the Great Divider. Velcro attachments for the carrying handle have been updated with a snap system that is strong and convenient. The internal dividers are easier to adjust for angler preference. The footprint of this model is slightly smaller than previous versions without sacrificing capacity. This is an important feature for float fishermen and flats anglers. Finally, the zipper is much easier to manipulate for easy access and less effort when opening or closing.

Great Divider Key Features

Capacity is not lacking with 28 liters of storage volume. This should be enough to outfit any angler with plenty of fly boxes, terminal tackle and whatever else they’ll need for a day or week of fly fishing. Organization is easily customized with four separate divider walls that can be placed according to angler preference. Additionally, a see-through, zippered interior panel under the lid makes finding key gear items fast and easy. Zippered interior and exterior pockets offer additional organizational options.

Durability and superior water-resistance are achieved with waterproof TPU fully welded plastic and a TIZIP waterproof zipper. Hard, high-density, molded foam construction maintains its shape and gives the bag rugged rigidity. The padded foam floor keeps the bag upright and anglers don’t have to worry about water seeping in through the bottom of the bag.

Two removeable grab handles make carrying easy and for long walks to the boat ramp or through the airport, the adjustable padded shoulder strap makes toting a fully-loaded Great Divider a simple task.

Perhaps the greatest hallmark of the Great Divider III lies in its minimalist simplicty. Many boat and gear bags have pockets inside of pockets inside of dividers hidden behind zippered compartments. Small items like leader packets or split shop get lost forerever. What you see is what you get with the Great Divider and you will simplify and become more organized because of it instead off digging around in your old boat bag for ten minutes trying to find something that may or may not be in one of fifty spots you already checked.

Great Divider Review

I went through a lot of boat bags until I found the Great Divider several years ago. A full season of guiding in Colorado is tough on gear and most boat nags suffered after only a single summer. Soft-sided bags failed to keep things dry during summer thunderstorms and the sun roasted other bags into cracked, withered obsolescence. When I switched to the Great Divider I was at first leary of the “lack” of organization but now it is the system I prefer over all others. I don’t carry what I don’t need and I can find what I have.

Last summer on the Eagle River, while the water was still high and fast but the fishing was incredibly good. A Great Divider III floated into the eddy where my clients were pounding on trout slashing at hatching caddis. Luckily, I managed to rescue it. A minor boating mishap had occurred a couple miles upstream and the bag went into the drink. Everything in the bag was dry and protected and the owner was happy to have his gear back unharmed. The $249 price tag saved him thousands of dollars in fly fishing equipment. I’m sure he will make sure his Great Divider III is strapped down next time.

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Brody Henderson, Guide and Content Writer