Patagonia Ultralight Wading Boots

*Please note these boots may no longer be available to purchase on our website*
It is no secret that the less weight you carry, the further and faster you can go. This is especially true when it comes to footwear, which is why Patagonia has introduced the Ultralight Wading Boot. Weighing a scant two pounds, six ounces per pair, these boots will allow fly fishermen to get to far away waters faster, and cover more of them when they get there. Patagonia’s real accomplishment here was not simply creating a lightweight boot, but creating one that is comfortable, and will stand up to the abuse that hardcore fly fishermen put their wading gear through every day. A solid collection of features have been added to the Ultralight Wading Boot to make a boot that will keep you comfortable while taking you further and getting you there faster.

Rock Grip or Felt Soles

When buying the Ultralight Wading Boots, you have a choice between traditional sewn on felt soles or ones made of Patagonia’s proprietary sticky rubber sole compound, called Rock Grip. Both sole options can be replaced should you put enough miles on them to actually wear them out. The sticky Rock Grip soles come standard with stud inserts for when the rocks are extra slick and the current is strong. The float tube fisherman’s needs were not forgotten either, as the Rock Grip soles are compatible with most fin straps.


Most footwear that falls into the ultralight category is made with materials that are too light and thin to provide all day comfort or support. The designers at Patagonia have managed to overcome this by using synthetic leather for the top of the boots, Venergy Mesh drains throughout the middle, and a full length EVA midsole under foot. These wading boots are both rigid enough to conquer steep, rocky trails and slippery stream beds, and comfortable enough to wear on long, all day hikes.

Durability and Ironclad Guarantee

A few of the durability features on the Ultralight Wading Boots are the complete wrap around rand which protects both the boot and your feet, and the stainless steel lace hooks, which will not let you down even in cold winter weather. In the unlikely event that any of these features fail, Patagonia has your back with their Ironclad Guarantee.

If you want solitude, adventure, and truly wild trout fishing, you have to be willing to leave the truck behind and go places that other fishermen avoid. Whether you plan on fishing to wild brown trout in Gore Canyon during the Salmonfly hatch, or casting dry flies to rising cutthroat in Cross Creek this fishing season, you will need to hike to get there.  For these long approaches, there is no other wading boot to consider than the Patagonia Ultralight Wading Boot. Visit the fly shop and try them out to feel the difference that lightweight boots really can make. Somewhere around mile five, your feet and legs will be thanking you.

Andy “Otter” Smith, Guide and Content Writer