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Product Review | Echo Fly Rods

The ECHO rod company has surged ahead with an arsenal of fly rods to cover any fly fishing situation. From sweet little creek rods and heavy backboned beach rods to extended length two handed chuckers. ECHO has designed a fly rod for your casting style and preferred approach. Easy on the pocketbook and stacked full of quality components ECHO fly rods are guaranteed to impress.

ECHO Carbon XL

Just to touch on a few of the opportunities ECHO supplies for fly fishing… (See Vail Valley Anglers website for the full selection of ECHO rods we carry.) I will begin with the ECHO Carbon XL fly rod which is an entry level priced rod with an array of likable qualities. At 9’ in length the Carbon XL feels like any other 9’ rod in the hand. Able to deliver heavy nymph rigs as well as dry flies. The deep root beer color glows in the bright sunlight adding an attractive richness to the rod. The carbon fiber reel seat gives a nod towards modern rod making materials and provides an attractive look.

Loading up and punching casts into respectable distances with a feeling not expected at this price point, the Carbon XL is a very versatile fly rod. For an angler looking to make a purchase that will last and a rod that can grow with the expected learning curve, look no further. The Carbon XL is sure to become a favorite. Vail Valley Anglers can make your purchase of an ECHO Carbon XL a genuine investment into your fly fishing future.

echo fly rod review


A new offering from ECHO comes in the form of a dry fly specific rod. Light and lively in the hand the ECHO Dry delivers a feather-like touch to your dry fly presentations. This mid-priced dry fly rod is an excellent addition to the accomplished fly angler’s arsenal. Especially if you are looking for a well-made, sweet performing rod that can deliver when pushed.

Equally at home on a float trip to cast dry flies tightly up against grassy banks or for a wading angler looking for a designated dry fly only rod. On those days when you can leave your nymph box at home, the ECHO Dry is a great rod to reach for. Upgraded hardware compliments the quality cork handle well. With a tight crisp casting stroke the ECHO Dry fly rod excels at true fishing distances where mending is critical. No need to reach the next area code with your cast as the ECHO Dry shoots accurate casts into difficult water and manages the fight with a finesse and smooth touch that keeps hooks set.

Bad Ass Glass

ECHO has a large lineup of specialty fly angling rods that cover the spectrum from small, freshwater steams to large, broad rivers and even into the Saltwater. Here ECHO shines like no other company I know. The research and development that has gone into creating what has risen to the top of my enjoyable saltwater beach rods is the Bad Ass Glass series of rods.

No discussion necessary they are just plain fun. Easy on the shoulders for casting all day long, the B.A.G. loads at moderate distances but retains the backbone to punch casts across windy flats. The soft tip keeps hooks in place without pulling them the way stiffer rods do. And the butt section of the rod transmits critical feeling into your hands during the fight allowing you to adjust pressure or to really put it on them. Looking for a really fun saltwater rod to add to your bag of tricks? Look no further than the ECHO Bad Ass Glass.

ECHO – heavyweight performers at real world prices. When entering the world of fly fishing or looking to add a specialty rod for targeting saltwater challengers ECHO offers a selection of fly rods that are sure to bring a smile across your face, leave your wallet a little fatter and deliver the performance expected from a quality rod company. Check out all of the ECHO rods we offer on the Vail Valley Anglers website.

Michael Salomone, “Sal”

Vail Valley Anglers Fly Fishing Guide & Content Writer