Redington Voyant Outfit Review

*Please note this product may no longer be available on the website*
If you want to get out on the water by yourself for the first time, you will most likely need to find a solid, introductory rod and reel combo without spending a fortune. The Redington Voyant fly fishing outfit is the ideal solution for people who have fly fished before and want to pursue it further without needing to borrow or rent equipment.

These days, fly fishing equipment is getting more and more complicated, and the fly shop can be an overwhelming place for novice anglers. Small differences between one rod or reel and another are important for experienced fly fishermen, but for the beginner it is sometimes best to purchase a quality rod and reel together as a combo. This way they can get on the water faster, and be assured that the components work well together. The Redington Voyant Outfit provides beginner to intermediate fly fishermen with durable, high performance gear at a very reasonable price. It comes complete with a nine foot four piece rod, large arbor reel, Rio line, backing, leader, and rod storage case.

Rod Features

The Voyant is a tip flexing, fast action fly rod. This means that it is the right tool for making long, accurate casts even when it is windy. It will stand up to big fish and strong currents, enabling the fisherman to land their trophy as quickly as possible. It comes with a durable anodized aluminum and wood reel seat to prevent corrosion and alignment dots on the tips of each section for quicker set up and rigging. The Voyant Outfit is available in four different weights including four, five, six and eight.

Surge Reel

One of the more important pieces of gear for a new fly fisherman to own is a large arbor reel. These reels pick up slack line much faster than a mid or small arbor reel. They also twist and curl the fly line a lot less, making for straighter, more precise casts and presentations. The large arbor Surge reel that comes standard in the Voyant package is made of lightweight, durable aluminum and features a graphite composite drag system that will stop even the hardest fighting fish.

Rio Mainstream WF Floating Fly Line

The weight forward, floating Rio Mainstream fly line that comes pre-spooled on the Surge reel is created with the same production processes and quality standards as all Rio fly line. Fortunately, it is weighted one half size heavier than the standard.  In order to help new casters feel the rod load in each cast. It also comes with a supple core and a slick coating. Which repels dirt and keeps it riding high on the water’s surface. This is an important feature that aids in both casting and mending.

If you or someone you know is just beginning their fly fishing journey, and needs a quality rod and reel combo, stop by Vail Valley Anglers to take a look at the Redington Voyant fly fishing outfits. At under three hundred dollars, there are few other rod and reel combos that bundle as much performance and value as the Voyant.

Andy “Otter” Smith, Guide and Content Writer