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Review: Scientific Anglers Spey Lite Line

.The Scientific Anglers new Spey Lite Integrated Line series brings a new option among the small application two-handed fishing game. The Spey Lite Integrated Lines combine the running line and shooting heads to be all one system (hence the “Integrated”). As opposed to lining your two handed setup with a separate running line and shooting head. But don’t worry – it still gives anglers the ability to change their different tips or leaders. The new integrated line system is a favorite among myself and other trout spey anglers.

I recently lined my Trout Spey setup (11 foot 3 weight) with the Spey Lite Integrated Skagit Line, 270 Grain. Then I use one of the Scientific Anglers Sonar Leaders, adding a two foot piece of 12 lb Maxima tippet material. After a day of fishing the Eagle River I was thoroughly impressed with the integrated system. Everything was simplified.

rainbow trout
Here is a nice Eagle River Rainbow caught on the Trout Spey Setup.


The most obvious benefit of the integrated line – there is no longer a loop-to-loop connection to retrieve past or cast out. It made the two handed fishing routine more fluid. No need to use extra caution making sure the loop to loop connection was not catching at any point of my swinging and casting routine. It is similar to when you have built your own leader – you have to strip through the blood knot connection or you get tangled on that knot. With the integrated system you don’t have to worry about another connection point.  It is all one system.

Another feature I thought was impressive was that the rear taper of the fly line is textured. When you are stripping your line in to begin another cast, typically the rear taper of the fly line is where you stop retrieving and you begin your two handed cast. Normally this point of the fly line is colored so you can see where the rear taper is. Not only is it colored black on these lines but it is also textured. This feature makes it very easy to know when to begin your next cast. Under low light, no light, or poor light you will know when to begin your two handed cast.


One weakness to the integrated line system is that anglers cannot switch out the shooting heads when conditions are changing. So if you are a two handed fishermen that fishes an array of different conditions, bodies of water, and species the integrated system may not be the best option. However, for what I use my micro spey rod for, the SA Integrated lines are best suited. I solely use my Micro Spey setup for trout spey applications in medium to large sized rivers like the Eagle, Colorado, Roaring Fork, and Green River.

spey lite line diagram
Above is the taper diagram of the Spey Lite Skagit Integrated Line. You can see the the 80 feet of running line and 20 feet of the tapered shooting head. On the rear taper you can also see shooting texture and black color.

On a side note, what is small application two handed fishing?

Here in the Vail Valley of Colorado, two handed fishing or “Trout Spey,” is a fishing technique combining various spey casting techniques to present your fly. I think of it as glorified roll casting.  It involves specific terminal tackle that present your fly in a manner that cannot be replicated by any other technique. The “swinging” action from the fly creates life-like pulsing, triggering strikes from any fish in its path. It is a highly effective technique on trout streams throughout the mountains of Colorado. Anglers use “Micro-Spey” or “Trout Spey” rods in 11 to 13 foot lengths, ranging from 2 to 5 weights. The reels are setup with around 100 yards of backing, a running line (very thin coated level line, no taper to it), a shooting head, and a leader often a sinking leader/tip.

Hopefully that gives you an idea of what two handed fishing is so you can understand the benefits of the new Spey Lite lines. For more in depth information and why we think trout spey is worth your attention check out this blog: 8 Reasons to Trout Spey.

Myself and a few of the other guides here at Vail Valley Anglers use these new lines. We would unanimously recommend the Scientific Anglers Spey Lite Integrated Fly Lines. Especially to any trout spey fishermen looking for an upgrade from the traditional spey line setups. Or if you are purchasing your first trout spey setup, these lines are a great option. It makes the casting effortless for beginners. Reach out to the team at Vail Valley Anglers regarding this product or if you are interested in learning more about trout spey. Be sure to also check out our guided Trout Spey Fly Fishing Trip.

Article by: Pat Perry, Vail Valley Anglers Guide and Shop Manger, @patperry