ReviveX Spray-On DWR Review

*Please note this product may no longer be available to purchase on our website*

You’ll get more performance out of your waders and rain gear with ReviveX Spray-On DWR.
Spring is on the way and now is the time to take your fly fishing gear out of the closet for cleaning
and inspection. At the beginning of each fishing season, I apply a fresh layer of ReviveX Spray-
On Durable Water Repellant to my waders and Gore-Tex fishing jacket to ensure total waterproof
breathability for the remainder of the season. This quick extra step keeps me warmer and drier
throughout the nastiest rain and snowstorms the Rocky Mountains can throw my way.

What is a Durable Water Repellant?

Gore-Tex, H2No, and eVent, are all waterproof, breathable membrane materials that work in
conjunction with what is called a Durable Water Repellant, or DWR. This DWR is a polymer that is
applied to the outside layer of fabric, and is responsible for forcing water to bead and fall off of the
fabric instead of soaking in. No DWR is lasts forever, however. Dirt, sunlight, wear and tear, and
sunscreen can all damage this coating. Once it is damaged or worn off, it needs to be replaced.
This is when it is time to buy a bottle of ReviveX.

What Does ReviveX Do?

When the DWR wears off of your four hundred seventy nine dollar Simms G4 Pro jacket,
water will begin to saturate the fabric layer outside the Gore-Tex membrane. This is called “Wet
out”, and it is a real problem. The absorbed moisture causes condensation and reduces the
breathability of the garment. When “wet out” happens, It feels like the jacket that cost you a whole
paycheck is leaking, even though it is not. Stay calm. Your garment is not failing you, the DWR
has simply worn out due to dirt, sunshine and normal wear and tear, and needs to be replaced.
This is a common problem and there is an easy fix.

ReviveX is a spray on DWR that bonds to the old DWR and the garments outer layer of fabric.
It soaks into the fibers of the fabric and causes water to bead off of the material instead of being
soaked in. It will also restore the breathability of the garment, which will keep you drier, longer.

How To Use ReviveX

Treating your garment with ReviveX spray on DWR is easy. First, wash it with a specialized
technical clothing cleaner (follow the washing instructions on the garment carefully). Then spray
the clean garment with the ReviveX spray. It is okay to add a little extra to areas that see more
abuse than others like shoulders, knees, and hoods. The last step is to dry the garment according
to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. That is it. Your waterproof, breathable jacket or
waders should shed water just like they did when they were new.

A bottle of ReviveX can put the life back into your expensive waterproof breathable garments for
an entire season. For just fifteen dollars and a few minutes of your time, you can guarantee that
you will stay dry and happy when no one else is.

Andy “Otter” Smith, Guide and Content Writer