Rio In Touch Fly Line Review

Rio GoldRio In Touch Fly Line

Fly lines have developed in leaps and bounds over the past decade and the Rio In Touch Fly Lines are no exception. Simply getting a floating to line to actually float well over a long period of time was a challenge not that long ago. Fly lines with integrated loops saved time and money.  Species and method specific fly lines have given anglers much more versatility and casting performance. But one thing that has always been a constant challenge, especially for anglers who spend lot of time on the water, has been fly line sensitivity, durability and the associated problems with the inherent stretch in fly lines.

Fly line cores have typically been designed with braided nylon material which is much like fly line backing. In combination with a softer, outer coating and a supple core, fly lines stretch-a lot. This can lead to several problems. The first is fly lines that tangle easily which can lead to problems while fighting fish or making quick casts. Durability also comes into play with overly stretched fly lines. The outer layer will crack, lose integrity and performance. Floating lines begin to sink, and all lines will lose casting slickness.  Sensitivity and strength is degraded while fighting large fish or simply setting the hook.

Rio addressed these problems with the new In Touch series of fly lines. The In Touch fly lines are available in many popular models, including sinking, floating and method specific fly lines.

In Touch Connect Core

The In Touch fly lines utilize a new core material Rio calls Connect Core. This stiffer core material results in several fly fishing benefits. The first is much less stretch in your fly line. Less stretch adds more durability. Creating better casting performance because the timing of casts is unaffected by fly line stretch. The fly line becomes more responsive making for more precise mends and fast line pick up. Ideally your fly rod should flex and load rather than your fly line stretching and negatively impacting the entire system.  Perhaps one the most important benefits is a fly line that is ultimately more sensitive. Line stretch is the enemy of sure, immediate reaction and positive hook sets. Connect Core results in faster, more effective hook sets and more strength and response while playing fish.

Rio Performance

Fly lines often get overlooked as a crucial piece of fly fishing gear. When a fly line is not matched well with even a top shelf fly rod that can set you back a thousand bucks, performance will bottom out.  Nevertheless, a high quality fly line can make a cheap fly rod cast like a dream. Rio has been building some of the best fly lines in the industry for a long time. Welded loops and Rio’s XS line coating technology come standard.

For most trout rods, Rio In Touch Gold is a good all-around choice. Rio Grand In Touch is ideal for stiffer, fast action rods. For anglers want the best possible sensitivity and casting feel, Rio Perception In Touch is my choice for lining medium to slow action rods for finesse dry fly fishing.  The In Touch system really shines in sinking lines like the Rio In Touch Deep where sensitivity is a must because anglers have no visual back up. Therefore, strikes are transmitted through the line and sets aren’t delayed and come with the necessary power to bury the hook.

For more info on Rio fly lines or to check out our huge inventory of performance fly lines, stop by the Vail Valley Anglers fly shop or go to our website.

Brody Henderson, Guide and Content Writer