Sage 2200 Fly Reel Review

*Please note this product may no longer be available to purchase*
Budget conscious anglers have another great fly reel to consider with the introduction of the 2200 Series Reels from Sage Fly Fishing. These high performance, large arbor fly reels are surprisingly low-cost, given the fact that they are built with many of the same features that you would expect to find on more expensive fly reels.  The 2200 Series is made up of four different sized reels with the smallest (the 2300) being made for three and four weight lines, and the largest (the 2210) being made for nine and ten weight lines. This means that there is one for just about every kind of angler and species of fish out there.

Sealed Carbon System Drag

Perhaps the features that most separate the 2200 Series Reels from other reels in their same price range are the machined aluminum, numbered drag knob and Sage’s sealed carbon drag system. The one-revolution, numbered drag knob is easy to use and gives you more precise control of the drag setting so that you can enjoy a little consistency while battling strong fish. The SCS drag is impervious to dirt, water, sand, and salt so that you can take your 2200 reel anywhere and know that it will function smoothly day in and day out. Also, the SCS drag employs high grade, U.S.A. made carbon that dissipates extreme heat without wearing down, making it one of the smoothest, most powerful, and longest lasting drag systems on the market today.  Quality features like these are not often found on value priced fly reels.

Machined Die-Cast Construction

By now, you might be wondering what exactly allows the 2200 Series Fly Reels to remain so affordable, given their numerous high-end features. The answer lies in the machined die-cast construction. Die-cast fly reels have long been the more affordable alternative to their flashy, fully machined counterparts because the die-cast process is faster than machining and typically uses less expensive raw materials. Die-cast fly reels can be slightly heavier and a little less durable than fully machined reels, but these drawbacks are small, and usually go unnoticed in all but the most extreme angling situations.

To conclude

Overall, the 2200 Series Fly Reels from Sage Fly Fishing are high quality reels with performance minded features that employ low cost construction techniques to keep them affordable. The Sage 2200 Series Fly Reels are the perfect choice for anyone who is just embarking on their fly fishing journey and wants to ease into the gear buying process, or anyone who wants to add various sized setups to their arsenal without blowing next month’s rent.

As always, to get more information about the 2200 Series Fly Reels or to try one out for yourself, stop by the fly shop in Edwards, Colorado and chat with one of our fly fishing gear experts. Also, make sure to check back next week for a detailed review of the Sage 4600 Series Reels.

Andy “Otter” Smith, Guide and Content Writer