Sage Click Fly Reel Review

*Please note this product may no longer be available to purchase on our website*
The Click Series Fly Reels from Sage Fly Fishing are a new take on a proven, old school design, and are engineered to perform in harmony with light line setups for small water fishermen. The Click Series is made up of four different sized reels ranging from the super light Click I for 000-0 weight lines to the larger Click IV that works with 4 and 5 weight lines. High mountain trout fishermen, panfish enthusiasts, and fiberglass rod casters will all appreciate the balance, simplicity, and performance of the reels in the Click Series.

Click and Pawl Drag System

The Click reels come with an adjustable click and pawl drag system that is easily converted from right hand to left hand retrieve. The advantage of this kind of drag system is simplicity, reliability, and fly fishing fun. The fact that the drag system in the Click Reel is adjustable is also somewhat unique. A lot of click and pawl drag systems are adjustable, but on most of them the increased resistance is in effect for both directions. The drag in the Sage Click Series can be tightened without affecting the forward reeling resistance, making it more possible to pick line up quickly and actually play hard-fighting fish on the reel.

Large Arbor

The next important feature of the Sage Click Reels is its true, large arbor spool. Most ultralight, click and pawl style reels are made with outdated, small arbor spool dimensions. Small arbor spools can coil line too tightly and add unwanted memory, which makes stealthy presentations almost impossible. They also do not pick line up very quickly, which makes fighting fish more difficult. Even in small water and with ultralight tackle, the benefits of a large arbor spool are hard to ignore. Zero line memory and fast line pickup mean more fish in the net, especially when the water is clear and the fishing gets technical.

Machined Aluminum

These days, the vast majority of click and pawl style fly reels on the market are made out of cast aluminum or even plastic. They are made to be affordable for the beginning fly fisher, and performance features like durability, drag function, and aesthetics are placed pretty far down on the list of priorities. The Click Series Reels are constructed with lightweight, heavy duty 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum that will not break or bend – even when used heavily in harsh conditions. Their hard anodized finish resists scratches and corrosion, and comes in a beautiful bronze or stealth black color that pairs nicely with any fly rod.

The Sage Click Series Reels are the perfect choice for anglers who want performance, durability, and aesthetics in a simple, ultralight package. If light lines, tiny dry flies, high mountain streams, and native cutthroat are your thing, the Sage Click is your reel. If you are looking for the perfect rod to go with your Click Reel, consider the Sage TXL-F and the Sage Circa. For more information about the Click Series and what fly rods to pair it with, stop by Vail Valley Anglers in Edwards, Colorado and chat with one of our expert shop staff members.

Andy “Otter” Smith, Guide and Content Writer