Sage Domain Reel Review

Sage DomainThis year Sage Fly Fishing introduced two-handed spey and switch anglers to their new Domain reel, a full frame, large arbor reel with a classic design and several modern day high-performance features. The Domain replaces the 3800 series of reels. It also gives the two handed angler a very high quality option at a reasonable price.

Full Frame Domain

One of the biggest reasons that two handed fly fishermen often prefer a full frame reel is that this design eliminates the chance of their running line or backing slipping between the tiny space between the spool and frame while fighting a fast moving steelhead or salmon. Many spey and switch lines have an ultra-thin running line section that can pull between the spool and frame of an open frame trout reel. When this happens, the anglers stands little to no chance of fixing the problem and recovering during a hard fight. The fish will be lost.

The added aluminum in the full frame reel also makes the reel slightly heavier which balances better with a longer spey or switch rod while increasing durability. Unlike many full frame reels, the Domain has an exposed spool. This allows the angler to palm the spool to increase resistance and add stability while battling big fish.

SCS Drag System

The Domain also includes Sage’s bulletproof SCS (Sealed Carbon System) drag. This fully sealed system is water, salt, sand, grit, and grime-proof. Therefore, nothing will interfere with its low start up inertia or incredible stopping power. This system is controlled with the large, one-revolution drag knob and numbered drag settings. Two handed anglers will enjoy how easy the Domain is to use with stiff, cold hands or while wearing gloves.

Added Features

Other noteworthy features on the Sage Domain are the fully machined 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum frame and spool construction, the concave spool, and the ergonomic handle. The heavy duty construction of the Domain makes it extremely rigid and durable. The large arbor concave spool holds extra backing. It also picks line up fast when that monster chromer runs right at you. The large spool handle is also easy to find and grip with gloves. This helps during the bitter cold of steelhead season.

If you are looking to upgrade the reel on your two handed setup, or are considering exploring switch and spey fishing for the first time, the Sage Domain may be the reel for you. Its durability, high performance features, and affordable price make it a great value for any two handed fly fisher.

Andy “Otter” Smith, Guide and Content Writer