Sage Method Fly Rod Review

*Please note this product may no longer be available to purchase on our website*
Last year Sage introduced advanced and expert fly casters to their new ultra-fast Method rod. The Method replaces the TCX, Sage’s previous fast action offering. This tip flexing, super stiff rod has astounded anglers all over the world, and proved that you do not have to sacrifice feel and responsiveness for speed and power.

If you are planning on reaching far-away fish that other anglers cannot get to, you need a rod that is
capable of delivering line across long distances through wind. The only way to do this is to generate
high line speed. The Method does just that. Whether you are presenting a size 8 South Fork Chernobyl tight to the bank on the Colorado River, or lobbing tiny mayfly nymphs across a heavy current on the Eagle, the Sage Method has the backbone you need. This is an all-water rod that really can do it all. Sage claims that their new Method will be a tool that takes your casting to the next level.


The nine foot five weight Sage Method tips the scales at only two and five-eighths ounces. For those of you who don’t keep track of fly rod weights, that is an almost unbelievable number. It is almost a full ounce lighter than its predecessor, the TCX. This might not matter so much at the beginning of the day, but after chucking heavy streamers on the Roaring Fork for six hours, your arm will be able to tell the difference. Sage’s goal was to enable anglers to make the last cast of the day just as good as the first. The algorithm is simple: less fatigue equals more distance and accuracy.


Usually fly fishermen here in Vail who love to fish with heavy streamers have an extra rod in their
quiver specifically for streamer fishing. Most of them use either a stiff six or seven weight rod to
get these lead laden bugs out in front of the boat, towards the banks. The problem always was that
with these heavier rods, we lost a ton of feel throughout the casting stroke. Until now, many streamer
fishermen would hardly ever use a five weight rod for this task, but with the Sage Method it is more
than possible. In most cases, this rod is powerful enough and responsive enough to do the job in the
versatile five weight size. It actually makes streamer fishing easier and more enjoyable.

Better Casting

Efficient transfer of energy is the key to becoming a better caster. The engineers at Sage know this
and have incorporated their groundbreaking Konnetic Technology into this powerful, distance casting
machine. Konnetic technology allows rod engineers and builders to align each individual fiber of
the rod closer together, along the zero degree axis. This makes for a denser rod wall without adding
material or weight. All of this adds up to less wasted energy throughout the casting stroke, which helps with loop shape, line speed, distance and accuracy. To make a long story short, if you can cast further and more accurately than the other guy in the boat, you will catch more fish.

The Sage Method lives up to its already growing reputation, and can truly help you to “become the best caster you know.” Stop by Vail Valley Anglers in Edwards, Colorado to cast and fish the new Method rod. It may just change the way you look at your other fast action sticks.

Andy “Otter” Smith, Guide and Content Writer