Sage Rod Tube Review

Protect Your Fly Rods with Sage’s Travel Rod Tubes

Fly rods are expensive, and when they break it is usually during travel. There are a lot of
protective rod cases out there, but few of them are as versatile or tough as the new Sage Rod
Tubes. Whether you are packing a quiver of rods to target a variety of species, or just one rod for
one fish, Sage has the travel tube that is right for you.

Winter is here in full force in the Rocky Mountains and by the looks of things, it isn’t going to let
up anytime soon. These icy months are the perfect time for beginning fly fishermen and serious
anglers alike to escape the cold, and head toward the equator for some sunshine and saltwater fly
fishing. If you plan on taking any kind of fishing trip this year, you are going to need some kind of
protection for your rods and the Sage Rod Tubes are feature the durability and tough construction
necessary to guard your sticks against damaging blows.

Durable Aluminum Construction

Nobody likes to think about what happens to their luggage behind closed doors at the airport.
Fragile things like fly rods would not stand a chance in most baggage systems without some
serious protection. Sage Rod Tubes are made with an inner durable, lightweight aluminum tube
to stand up to the heavy abuse that occurs during airplane travel. Sage product engineers have
incorporated concave and convex curves along the length of their new travel tubes that work
together for even more strength.

Variety of Sizes

You might only need one nine weight rod for a bonefish trip to Andros Island in February, but
your April tarpon trip to Islamorada will most likely require a few additional setups. Addtionally,
it’s always nice to have a four weight for dries and six for streamers for that float trip down the
Colorado River. That is why the Sage Rod Tubes come in large and small sizes in both single
and multi-rod options. The 33 inch case is perfect for most nine foot four piece rods and the 44
inch version accommodates a variety of longer spey and switch rods for your fall steelheading


Both the Sage single rod and multi rod travel tubes come with oversized rubber end caps that
accomplish three things. First, they serve as padding to protect the rest of the case from dings
and scratches. Next, the quarter turn tension style caps lock to the seal out damaging water,
dirt, and grime. Finally, the bottom cap comes with a custom identification area for the angler’s
contact information in the event of a loss. Both the small and large multi rod cases come with
an adjustable shoulder strap for easier transport from the airplane to the skiff. Combined with a
strong aluminum tube, your fly rods are protected with the features of the Sage Rod Tubes.

A broken fly rod can ruin the fishing trip of a lifetime. Don’t let a careless mistake cut your next trip
short. Stop by Vail Valley Anglers in Edwards or shop online to pick up a new Sage Rod Tube.
This way you can be sure that your four piece fly rods will arrive at your angling destination safely,
ready to use, and in the same four pieces they came in.

Andy “Otter” Smith, Guide and Content Writer