Sage SALT Fly Rod Review

*Please note this product may no longer be available to purchase on our website*
The new Sage SALT Fly Rod is the fly fishing industry’s first saltwater specific action fly rod. In order for the saltwater angler to be successful, he or she must be able to cast long distances quickly, accurately, and many times directly into the wind. With the new Sage SALT, this task is easier than ever. Its ability to load quickly reduces the number of false casts the angler needs to get line out, meaning that the fly gets to the fish faster. The powerful, fast action of the SALT generates high line speed very easily, even with today’s heavy fly lines, while Konnetic technology ensures unbelievable accuracy in an ultralight package so anglers can cast all day with less fatigue. Whether you are delicately presenting small flies to spooky Bahamian bones or feeding fast moving Keys tarpon, the Sage SALT will give you precise presentations faster than ever before.

How Does it Work?

The real magic here is the use of Sage’s new Konnetic technology in the blank. Konnetic technology works by compressing the carbon fibers of the blank tightly so that extra resin is packed out, thus aligning them together on the zero degree axis. This means that the blank does not wobble or vibrate as much throughout the cast. The result is a lightweight fly rod that tracks extremely well for jaw-dropping accuracy. The difference is noticeable even for beginner and intermediate fly rodders as they learn how to properly load and deliver fly line directly to their targets.

Freshwater Benefits

While the SALT may have been designed specifically for flats and inshore angling, it is getting a lot of attention here in the high country as well. It comes in every weight from five to sixteen, meaning that it is quickly becoming the choice for anglers chasing pike, bass, carp, and even large trout with streamers. The five and six weight rods are perfect for throwing streamers tight to the bank from a drift boat on the Roaring Fork River while the seven and eight weight rods will handle northern pike in Colorado’s reservoirs.

While casting the SALT, my first impressions were great. One of the first things I noticed was that it feels a lot smoother and easier to cast than its predecessor, the Xi3. As a trout angler, one of the things that has always been a problem for me is quick casting in saltwater situations. A 100 lb tarpon can appear out of nowhere and only give you one shot before the angle is wrong and the fish is past the boat. I often struggle to get line out quickly without false casting a lot, and the SALT definitely helped with that. Finally, the SALT feels incredibly light in hand which will make all day fishing with heavy saltwater lines and flies easier.

Whether you are planning a trip to the Florida Keys this spring, or searching for a great fall streamer stick, consider the new SALT from Sage Fly Fishing. It will enable you to make faster, more accurate casts, which in the end, usually equals more fish. In addition to the oversized Fuji ceramic stripper guides, the SALT features a heavy duty black anodized reel seat with a hidden hook keeper.  Also, the rod weight is laser etched on the slide band. Stop by Vail Valley Anglers in Edwards, to cast it and see for yourself how Konnetic technology can change your flats fishing experience.

Andy “Otter” Smith, Guide and Content Writer