Scientific Anglers Shark Wave Fly Line Review

*Please note this product may no longer be available to purchase on our website*

No one does fly line like Scientific Anglers, and this spring they are proving that once again with
the introduction of their new Shark Wave Fly Lines. These new lines are a combination of all of the
best parts of Scientific Anglers’ revolutionary Sharkskin lines and their Mastery Series textured fly
lines, with a few new features added in. Shark Wave lines are the worlds first triple textured, triple
colored fly lines. The tip section is made with Sharkskin texture and the running line is made with the
Mastery Series dimples. These two segments are separated by what Scientific Anglers calls the “Tactile Reference Point”, a thirty inch segment of non embossed line at the thirty foot mark that allows anglers to feel where the two textures meet.

Fishing, Friction-Free

A general rule in fly fishing is that the less friction there is between your fly line and the other surfaces it comes in contact with, the better off the fisherman is. The thee big ones are the guides of the rod, the surface of the water, and the air the line is traveling through while casting. When there is less friction between the fly line and the fly rod, the caster can generate higher line speed and shoot line further. This allows the fly rod to perform the way it was designed. When there is less friction between the line and the surface of the water, the angler can pick up more line with less effort, making both casting and mending easier. Finally, when there is less friction between the fly line and the air, the line can travel faster to its destination while being less affected by wind. Scientific Anglers’ new Shark Wave floating fly lines accomplish all three of these things better than any other textured fly line in the world today.

Greater Surface Area for Higher Floating Line

The textured surface of the new Shark Wave fly lines greatly increase the surface area of the line. This
accomplishes a couple things. The first advantage of the greater surface area is the most important and probably the most noticeable. The line floats higher in the water than traditional fly lines which makes for better pickup and easier mending, even in turbulent back eddies and fast moving seams. “Measuring the contact angle of a line as it sits on the water helps determine how buoyant the line
is. Shark Wave lines have contact angles well above 110°, meaning they float higher than traditional

The second advantage of the increased surface area is overall durability of the fly line. The tested
SharkWave fly lines have lasted up to twice as long as other fly lines.

Other Features

Shark Wave fly lines also feature improved DryTip technology (tiny microballoons inside the fly line’s
tip section for extra buoyancy), a new line identification system, extra strong welded loops, and their
patented AST technology which sheds dirt and water, making the entire length of the line slicker and
more durable.

Andy “Otter” Smith, Guide and Content Writer