Scott A4 Fly Rod Review

*Please note this product may no longer be available to purchase on our website*

06/01/18 Update the Scott A4 is discontinued, check out the predecessor the Scott Flex

The Scott Fly Rod Company introduced the new A4 line of rods to replace the venerable and popular A3 models. Scott has been building high-quality fly rods in Montrose, Colorado for decades and designed the A4 to provide “High Performance for Everyone”. With a year of on-the-water fly fishing testing under its belt, the A4 has done just that. It is among the favorite client rods among the Vail Valley Anglers guide staff because of its ability to do everything well and perform for everyone from novice anglers to experienced fly fishermen.

A4 Affordability

Scott bills the A4 as their entry-level fly rod and while it is priced a little higher than many entry-level fly rods it performs more like a rod that costs twice as much. At $395 the investment is worth it since this is not a fly rod that beginners will quickly outgrow and want to replace with a more expensive fly rod. Experienced anglers don’t give up technical performance and can add two A4 models to their quiver for the price of one top shelf fly rod. Scott backs up the A4 with a lifetime guarantee should the rod be broken or damaged.

A4 Models

Scott built an A4 to catch fish in all sizes under a variety of fishing conditions from small creek trout to heavy duty saltwater opponents like stripers or bonefish. Nineteen different models range from seven and half foot three weights to nine foot eight weights. Additionally Scott offers the A4 in several weights in the ten foot length which is becoming more and more popular with anglers for its added reach which makes casting and mending easier. Here in Colorado the 9 foot five weight is the standard trout rod but my favorite model has become the ten foot four weight. It is an outstanding dry fly rod. All A4s come as four-piece rods with a case.

A4 Features and Technology

Scott designed the A4 with many of the features and technology found in their more advanced rods such as the S4S, G2 and Radian.

  •  The medium-fast action is soft enough for anglers who enjoy some feel in their rod as well as allowing beginners to gain the touch necessary for loading up a proper cast. The A4 handles small dry flies with precision but has the power to launch big streamers.
  • Complementing the action is a multi-modulus blank design that creates uniform flex and a fast recovery.
  • The Scott A4 is a very light weight rod when compared to similarly priced fly rods
  • Scott’s signature “natural finish” further diminishes weight and because it doesn’t use a brittle, heavy epoxy finish, overall strength is increased
  • Components such as reel seats, line guides and grips have been upgraded. TiCh coated reel seats and stripping guides bolster durability and performance and hold up the elements such as sun and salt much better. TiCh stripping guides feature SiC inserts for smooth casting and line shooting.
  • Newly designed grip shapes for better ergonomics and feel while casting utilize Supergrade cork.

For anglers looking for a do-it-all workhorse fly rod that is durable, lightweight, and casts with precision and feel it is hard to beat the affordable Scott A4. At Vail Valley Anglers, we are proud to support a fellow Colorado fly fishing company like Scott that builds high-quality fly rods. For more information on our entire line of Scott Fly Rods, stop by our full-service retail fly shop in Edwards, Colorado or check out our website.

Brody Henderson, Guide and Content Writer