Scott F2 Fiberglass Rods Review

Scott F2 Fiberglass Rod
The Scott F2 Fiberglass fly rods are a mix of old school materials and new school, high performance technology.

The fly rod blanks of today are usually constructed of high performance graphite and carbon fiber. Fly rod engineers are constantly pushing the limits of the material in order to create rod blanks that are lighter, faster, and more stable. The latest fly rods promise to enable fly rodders to make longer, more accurate casts in tough conditions all while using big bugs. The main goal of most high performance fly rods is to transfer energy as efficiently as possible in every cast.

History of Fiberglass

Before carbon fiber and graphite fly rods were introduced, there was a short period of time when fiberglass was the material of choice for rod builders. These fiberglass rods casted and fished similarly to the previously dominant bamboo split cane rods. However, they were much less expensive to manufacture. This allowed more sportsmen to enjoy fly fishing. As soon as the high performance graphite rod blanks arrived however, the once cutting edge fiberglass rod blanks were rendered obsolete, and their popularity quickly diminished.

Even though that popularity was short lived, the fiberglass fly rods left a permanent mark on the sport. Particularly on small stream fly fishing, where precision, feel, and fun are paramount. It is for this reason that many of today’s fly rod companies are getting back to their roots. They are striving to resurrect their old glass rods. The Scott F2 Fiberglass Fly Rod is a great example of this new take on an old classic.

Scott F2

While the Fiberglass F2 fly rod may feel old school, it was not created as a throwback or gimmick. It was designed to perform in tight quarters and deliver delicate presentations when fly fishermen need them most. Fiberglass blanks outperform graphite in these situations. Because the amount of line needed to reach even the furthest fish in most small creeks and streams is often not even enough line to properly load a modern carbon graphite fly rod. This leaves the angler feeling clumsy while fishing short distances with one of the new high performance rods in hand. The deep flexing, slow to medium action fiberglass rods allow tight loops. It also creates perfect roll casts with short casting strokes and minimal effort.


The Scott F2 Fiberglass rods are constructed of Scott’s proprietary, ultralight, unidirectional S2 glass. This allows the F2 to achieve recovery speeds previously unheard of in the fiberglass rod blank world. The idea is to create a fiberglass fly rod that transmits the same amount of feel as an old fashioned one. Also while performing to the same standards that the anglers of today expect.

Other features of the F2 include a nickel plated reel seat and hard-chromed stainless guides. In addition to a hollow internal ferrules which increase strength and create a seamless look. These three piece rods come in an appropriate assortment of small stream sizes. This includes a six foot, two weight, a six and a half foot, three weight, a seven foot, three weight, and a seven foot, seven inch, four weight. As with all Scott fly rods, the F2 Fiberglass rod is hand crafted in locally in Montrose, Colorado and covered by Scott’s original owner warranty.

Dry flies, fiberglass fly rods, and trout are a perfect combination. If you have never casted a fiberglass fly rod, or it has just been a while, the only way to truly grasp the experience is to fish a small stream full of rising trout with one. Stop by Vail Valley Anglers in Edwards, CO. You can cast and feel the new Scott F2 rods, and bring the fun back into your small stream angling.

Andy “Otter” Smith, Guide and Content Writer