Scott Women’s Radian Fly Rod, the Ladian Review

*Please note this product may no longer be available to purchase on our website*

Scott Fly Rods designed the Women’s Radian Fly Rod or “Ladian”, based on their popular high-performance Radian, just for women anglers. With women being one of the fastest growing demographics in fly fishing, it made sense for Scott to engineer a fly rod for female anglers. Much like other technically driven sports like golf or skiing that saw the need to build equipment to meet the demands of women participants, fly fishing is dominated by gear built for a largely male base but Scott recognized that a fly rod that appeals to women is a necessary addition to an already large line of proven fly rods. The rod was designed especially for women by Scott’s production manager and dedicated angler Theresa Van Nooten.

Ladian Features

Built on the same platform as the Radian, the Ladian, unlike some other women’s products that slap on a few pink highlights but lack any real performance, is a technically advanced fly rod that utilizes Scott’s best available technology. This is a rod built for precision casting and fighting big trout. Both beginner anglers and accomplished women fly fishers will appreciate the Women’s version of the Radian.

The Ladian model is built on the most popular, versatile and effective trout platform on the market. The rod is a 9 foot four-piece five weight with a faster action that pairs well with a weight-forward fly line like the Rio Grand. This weight and length combo delivers excellent results whether fly fishing with weighted indicator nymph rigs, slinging heavy streamers or making precision presentations with small dry flies to spooky trout.

Designed to combine fast action with a soft touch, the feel of the rod is enhanced with ReAct technology, which blends fast action with vibration-dampening recovery. Many other fast-action rods, especially when cast by women who correctly rely more on timing than brute force (like most men do) lack the feel of the Ladian, which casts like a fly rod should and does not feel like a stiff broomstick.

This is an all-around trout fly fishing rod that uses high quality components like SiC titanium stripping guides, custom reel seats, and burled wood spacers. It also utilizes Scott’s best performance technologies, including the added feel of X-Core, the strength and durability of FiberFuse resins, the flex of a Multi-Modulus design, and tough Advanced Reinforced Carbon. Casting power, a sensitive touch, and a distinctly feminine look are all part of the package with Scott’s Women’s Radian Fly Rod.

To really add to the feminine appeal, the Ladian  adds pink and purple wrap highlights and beautiful reel seat.  This fly rod has a noticeablely attractive look that will set lady anglers apart on the water without appearing too gaudy or overly girly.

At Vail Valley Anglers, we have a large group of dedicated women anglers who go on guided trips, fish locally on their own or with our FishNChicks group and the Ladian has been tested on the water and reviews have been incredibly good.

Brody Henderson, Guide and Content Writer