Simms Axis Hoody Review

*Please note this product may no longer be available on the website*
We all know that layering your clothing is the key to efficiently regulating body temperature in unpredictable conditions. Simms line of base, mid, and outer layers is designed to function either independently or together to keep fly fishermen warm and dry no matter what nasty weather mother nature throws our way. The Simms Axis Hoody is one of the most innovative, fly fishing specific mid layer products on the market today. While it looks good enough to wear all night long at Woody’s or the Gore Range Brewery, where it really stands out is on the water. Every feature of the Axis Hoody is designed with determined, cold weather anglers in mind.

Thermal Pro Fabric

Polartec Thermal Pro Fabric is the main feature of the new Simms Axis Hoody. The stretchy, grid
pattern fleece traps heat close to the body within it’s tiny channels while evacuating moisture quickly.
This material is incredibly lightweight given the insulation that it provides, making it a great layer
for anglers who hike far or travel frequently. It stuffs easily into a day pack or boat bag while leaving
plenty of room for everything else.

Hydrophobic Cuffs

Capillary action is a fancy science word that explains why ten minutes after you dip your hand in
the water to release a trout, your elbows are wet. The tiny spaces in between the fibers that make up
the sleeves on your everyday fleece or cotton hoody are essentially little highways for water. This is
why the Axis Hoody features hydrophobic cuffs that shed water instead of sending it upwards. These
hydrophobic cuffs mean you will stay drier and warmer even if you have to submerge your hands

Full Zipper

The fact that the Simms Axis Hoody zips completely down the front might not seem like a big deal
at first, but as soon as you experience how much easier it really is, you will be sold on this feature. A
pullover style hoody is much more difficult to put on or remove because you have to first take off your hat, sunglasses, and SunGaiter. Skip this step and keep your head wear where it belongs while adding or subtracting your mid layer hoody.


The hood part of the Axis Hoody comfortably protects anglers from cold air, rain, snow, and sunlight.
Hoods are no longer just an extra feature, they are becoming a staple for fishermen who want
protection and comfort for extreme weather. Every mid layer I own has a hood, and I wear it up most of the time while fishing.

The Axis Hoody also features a welded pocket and zipper tight, fleece lined, hand warmer front
pockets. It comes in either black or Simms Orange. Vail Valley Anglers has the Simms Axis Hoody in
size small through double extra large to fit every fly fisherman, so try one on in the shop today.

Andy “Otter” Smith, Guide and Content Writer