Simms Dry Creek Boat Bag Review

*Please note this product may no longer be available to purchase on our website*
Simms overhauled its popular Dry Creek Boat Bag to make it even more durable, waterproof, and user friendly than ever before. Anglers and guides who spend most of their time in a drift boat or raft know that having the right boat bag on board can make a day on the oars much easier, and that at the minimum, a boat bag needs to be tough, waterproof, and easy to get in and out of. The new version of the Simms Dry Creek Boat Bag covers all of these bases and more.

New Features

One of the most common boat bag gripes among float guides usually has to do with the zippers. It seems like they always leak, are too hard to use, or some horrible combination of the two. Anyone who is familiar with the logistics of rigging a fly rod while rowing a boat will tell you how inconvenient it is to have to use two hands to open and close their tackle bag. The designers at Simms have addressed this enduring problem with the addition of their magnetic Catch and Release buckle for the 2014 Dry Creek Boat Bag. This new system eliminates the need for constant zippering and un-zippering in order to open and close the lid.

The next big change for the Dry Creek Boat Bag this year is probably the most visible. The over sized, compression molded lid provides a rain shelter for the contents of the bag even when it is not zippered shut. With this new lid, when the skies darken and the rain falls, water drips off the outside of the bag instead of into it.

One of my favorite changes to the new Dry Creek Boat Bag is in the zippered compartment on the underside of the lid. Most boat bags feature similar compartments under the lid, and most of them are made with clear plastic, which can turn into a miniature tippet oven on any hot summer day. The mesh pocket underneath the new Dry Creek’s lid should help keep its contents a little cooler under the hot sun.

To round out their new offering, Simms added an extra divider for the Dry Creek’s interior, a waterproof TPU coating to its body, and Hypalon strap attachment points to its sides. These strap attachment points are great for carrying extras like rod tubes, nets, or for strapping the bag to the raft frame when the waves get big.


Over the years, I have tried several different boat bags and my favorite has always been my old version of the Dry Creek Boat Bag. After four hard seasons of use it is still going pretty strong and my only real complaint was that the main zipper was a little tricky to use while trying to do a bunch of other things. There has never been any question in my mind about the durability or water resistance of anything with a Simms logo, and the new Dry Creek Boat Bag is no exception. The medium size (1220 cu. in.) is perfect for recreational anglers carrying fly boxes and terminal tackle, and the large (2000 cu. in.) is better for guides or photographers with additional gear.

Stop by Vail Valley Anglers in Edwards to take a closer look at the new and improved Dry Creek Boat Bag from Simms and decide which size is right for you and your boat.

Andy “Otter” Smith, Guide and Content Writer