Simms Headwaters Sling Pack

*Please note this product may no longer be available to purchase on our website*

It has been a while since I have owned anything but a boat bag.  Lately, as I struggle for time to get out and fish, I have rediscovered the need to specifically wade fish.  Wade fishing is simple and requires nobody else to row or participate in any way. As I started the search to find a system that would allow me to easily transfer enough fly tackle to a pack of some type for wade fishing I discovered the Headwaters Sling Pack from Simms.  This pack is simply awesome.  The designers must fish because they have thought about everything.  From the very first time I tried this pack on I was impressed with how well it fit  and how easy the sling function was to use.

Everyday fishing function

Carrying everything on my back away from my fly line makes great sense. But, when I need to get at my gear the sling function allows the bag to rotate easily around and lands in a completely horizontal fashion.  The interior pocket area is big enough so that you don’t have to pull anything out to get at the box  deep in your pack.  The elastic pockets on the interior allow for easy access to your fly boxes and the added benefit of keeping everything organized.  I really like the tippet and gink holders that you can move from the work bench to the outside when needed.  In addition, the tool ports on the Simms Headwaters Sling Pack make finding your hemostats easy and convenient.  Add a Simms retractor or two and you are guaranteed not to get the “brush off” on the way to the river.  There is a new clasp on the back as well as a place to hold your water bottle.  The pack itself is large enough to carry a rain jacket and everything you would need for a day trip without returning to the car.

I will be using the Headwaters Sling Pack in 2014.  With this tool added to my arsenal, I will be able to effectively wade fish and access the gear I need to put some fish in the net.  You can find this product and many others at  As always if you have any questions we enjoy talking fly fishing and will take the time to answer any of your questions.

John Cochran – Vail Valley Anglers GM