Simms Kids Waders Review

*Please note some of these products may no longer be available to purchase on the website*

Simms Gore-Tex Stockingfoot Waders for Kids

I wish I had some Simms Kids Waders when I started fly fishing. Last week my Dad spent a few hours converting old analog home video footage circa 1994 into digital format. He created an edit of my early fly fishing days including film of him giving me my first fly rod on Christmas morning when I was seven. Then he put it on Facebook. And tagged me. The laughing and comments continue.

Apparently grace had not quite set in because, as the home movie shows, the only way I knew how to express my gratitude was to ask, “Where are the waders?”. He waited twenty years to teach me the lesson in thankfulness with an embarrassing Facebook post. Good one, Dad.

The waders did eventually come after some good grades and household chores, but back then Simms Gore-Tex kid-specific waders were not an option. The heavy rubber hip waders were tough to put on with little hands, and not very easy to hike or wade in. Fast forward twenty years and you will see the Simms Gore-Tex Stockingfoot wader for kids. These waders come standard with the same American made quality as the rest of the Simms line, but in small sizes and with a few special features for young anglers.

Gore-Tex Breathability

These days, Gore-Tex and other similar waterproof, highly breathable materials dominate the wader industry. Rubber and neoprene are a thing of the past for the most part because they are heavy, uncomfortable, and simply do not breathe. The Gore-Tex that Simms uses for their wader line is the most breathable waterproof fabric around and allows fly fishermen to stay comfortable in a variety of conditions. If you have kids, then you are probably aware of the fact that they do not like to be uncomfortable, and small comfort problems can quickly turn into big ones. The lightweight breathable kids waders are made to fit little anglers so that as they learn the sport of fly fishing, their waders will be the last thing on their mind.

Reinforced Knees

We all know that kids can be tough on clothing, and waders probably see even more abuse due to the locations that they are used. Sliding on rocks, jumping in mud, and crawling under things are a much bigger part of fly fishing when you are nine years old than as an adult. Simms knows this, which is why they reinforced the Kids Stockingfoot waders in the knees and seat.

Safety Video

The last extra that comes along with the Simms Gore-Tex Kids waders is maybe the best feature of all. A wading safety video in each box of waders explains to parents and kids some good rules for staying safe while fishing alongside swift currents. Wading safety is something to take seriously, and learning solid wading technique from the beginning is critical.

If your kids are out on the water learning fly fishing, they are already some of the most fortunate kids on the planet, but if you really want to get them hooked, a pair of Simms Gore-Tex Stockingfoot waders made just for them might be what you are after. Kids love to do just what they see their parents doing and putting on a pair of good waders and staying dry, warm and comfortable will not be lost on them. They’ll want to spend more time on the river with you and that means you’ll a fly fishing companion for life.

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Andy “Otter” Smith, Guide and Content Writer