Simms Stocking Stuffers

Simms Stocking Stuffers

With the holiday season quickly approaching, the ever-predictable shopping fever is in full swing. Even though we’ve all had plenty of experience navigating the nuances of buying gifts for our loved ones, things can get a little hectic between November and the New Year. Lists can run long, patience thin and creative ideas dry. Let’s see…little Johnny needs the newest 10,000 piece LEGO set. Aunt Hilda can’t live without her annual Yuletide fruitcake. And you still need to find those old-timer onesie pajamas with the classic trap door for Grandpa Bud. But what about that special angler in your life? Don’t they deserve some amazing gifts? Have no fear. Vail Valley Anglers has you covered. Check out our stellar list of Simms Stocking Stuffers below. Your fly fishing friend or family member will be forever grateful you did.

Guide Nippers

Putting the Simms Guide Nippers to Work

Every angler needs a solid pair of nippers. Skip the cheap, run-of-the mill sets and purchase the Simms Guide Nippers instead. Not only are the made in USA but they also boast ‘aerospace-grade aluminum architecture’ and razor-sharp stainless steel jaws. If that’s not enough to make you dash for your wallet, the Guide Nippers also come in three different colors. Whoever says that the color of their gear is a moot point needs to reconsider their priorities. As for notable features, they are equipped with an eye piercer, lanyard clipping point and riveted cutters. They are the perfect gift to kick off a bomber gift basket.


Pro Wading Staff

Whether you’re wading through icy cold winter waters or the powerful flows during spring runoff, a wading staff is always there to keep you upright in your rivers and streams. The Simms Pro Wading Staff is chock-full of practical components. From the ergonomic cork handle which ensures a secure grip to the FastLock system that quickly adjusts to lengths between 51 and 56 inches, this staff is a great addition to any anglers gear collection. And as an added bonus, the Pro Wading Staff includes a handy neoprene sheath, making it easily stowable on the go.

Headwaters Foldover Mitt & Guide Windbloc Foldover Mitt

After I received a pair of the Simms Headwaters Foldover Mitt as a gift last year, it quickly became one of my favorite fishing accessories. Simple yet highly functional, these convertible mitts are super warm, comfy and relatively low-profile. If the temps really begin to plummet, you can throw a heat pack into the pocket on the wrist. Handy thumb-tip and mitt straps prevent the convertible materials from flopping around when your tying on flies or re-rigging.

Beat the Wind and Cold with the Simms Windbloc Foldover Mitt

Planning on fishing in windy conditions? Upgrade to the Guide Windbloc Foldover Mitt. Simms constructed these with Polartec Windbloc fabrics and added suede overlays in key grip areas for extra durability. The Polartec Windbloc fabric has a micro-porous laminate layer sandwiched between the durable outer and lofted inner layers. This allows the mitt to be flexible, comfortable and tough. The Guide Windbloc Mitt also features a pre-curved fit to keep your fingers nimble while staying warm. Either foldover mitt is a must for the angler in your life that doesn’t allow wintery forecasts to overrule their days on the water.

River Essentials Kit

If you’re looking to add a little luxury to your Simms stocking stuffer ensemble, the River Essentials Kit will do just that. It is classy, compact and combines the perfect blend of stainless steel and high quality leather. After a great day of floating your cherished local river, it’s time to celebrate. Impress your fishing buddies by pouring their favorite single malt scotch from the leather bound 8 oz flask into two, 2 oz shot glasses. Then, blow their minds as you slide three Cubans from the same case and chop the ends with the branded Simms cigar cutters. The kit also includes a stamped wine and beer bottle opener and handy funnel. Use the funnel to fill your flask and avoid spilling any of that liquid gold. What’s in a name you ask? In the case of the River Essentials Kit, everything.

Guide Pliers

Ice, Rock, Pliers...What More Could You Ask For?

Shopping for the angler who has it all? Well, there’s a good chance they don’t have a tool like the Simms Guide Pliers. These babies put the standard needle-nose pliers to shame. And once the special fly fisherman in your life has a pair in their hands, they’ll wonder how they’ve survived all these years without them. Simms built these bad boys with 6061-T6, type II anodized aluminum arms, corrosion resistant, 17‐4 stainless steel jaws and replaceable tungsten carbide cutting blades. If you’re not a metals guru, don’t worry. The technical labeling of these materials boils down to two things. They are top of the line and will last a lifetime. For easy access and security, the Guide Pliers comes with a badass Kydex holster and utility leash. While the whole package weighs less than 8 oz, the power and performance of this tool is worth its weight in gold.

Stripping Guards

Protect Your Fingers While Putting In Some Serious Streamer Time

I recently went fishing with a friend who, admittedly, is addicted to tossing streamers. So much so that he had burned a perfect arch in his finger from stripping fly line for days on end. Well, I did what every good fishing buddy should do and bought him the Simms Stripping Guards (I also purchased one for myself). They are lightweight, breathable and quick-drying. And they are made with an anti-abrasion TPU film which increases strength while boosting longevity. Simple, practical and the perfect gift for any angler, especially all those streamer hounds out there.

Wading Koozy

Quick Sips At The Ready With The Simms Wading Koozy

Rounding off the Simms stocking stuffer legion is the Wading Koozy (aka Drink Sleeve). Whether you’re sipping on your favorite IPA or drinking some delicious Pamplemousse La Croix’s, this revolutionary beverage holder provides an excellent quick draw option. You can thank the Simms’ design team for that. They added a hook-and-loop webbing strap so you can attach it to your wading belt or pack. And they also constructed the sleeve with 4mm neoprene, the same material that your wading booties are made from. The neoprene keeps your beverages nice and cool while you’re distracted by all the rising trout around you.

Get Creative

Now that you’ve made some excellent Simms purchases, it’s time to get your gift giving presentation dialed in. If you opted for the minimalist gift package, you can stuff the smaller items like the Guide Nippers and Stripping Guards into the Wading Koozy. If you went all out and purchased the River Essentials Kit, Pro Wading Staff and Guide Windbloc Foldover Mitt, induce some tears of joy and stuff all of it into a new pair of G3 Guide Stockingfoot waders. That might just be the coolest Christmas stocking the world has ever seen. And whoever is on the receiving end of the deal will be your best friend for life.

Head into Vail Valley Anglers today and check out these amazing products by Simms. Or if you’re more of a stay-at-home shopper, you’ll find our online store fully stocked, easy to navigate and brimming with product descriptions. Happy Holidays!!

Keep ‘em wet, handle them sparingly and always appreciate where you are.

Seth Kulas, Vail Valley Anglers Content Writer, @sticks2snow