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Why should I wear a sun mask in the first place?

On a recent trip to Florida I decided to make a change from the usual Buff that I wear for sun protection and try something different. I tried wearing a Simms Sun Mask for the obvious reasons but also to have the flexibility to put it up and down at will, cover my ears, keep my hat on when making a run in the flats boat, and to keep sun-block out of my eyes by not having to reapply all the time. I traded in my Buff for the Simms Sun Mask and I was surprised at how different this product is compared to the buff. Both are great multi-tasking fly fishing accessories but the features are not all the same.

What makes the Simms Sun Mask different:

To begin with, the fabric on the Simms Sun Mask is much lighter and softer to the hand. It does not hug your face as much and rides a little bit more loosely than the buff. This allows for a little more air circulation and comfort for people who don’t enjoy the feeling of a Buff in hot weather. In addition, it has small holes to breathe through, which is a nice feature to keep the glasses from fogging up during the scorching days of Tarpon season. The bottom of the Simms Sun mask has a much more contoured fit and covers your chest in the front and the back of your neck much better than the Buff. This ensures that while your face and head are being protected from the sun, your neck is also out of harm’s way.

The Simms Sun Mask is available in plenty of different patterns for any angler’s tastes. The Derek DeYoung exclusive patterns pulled from his innovative fly fishing artwork are especially popular.

Granny told me my hair would fall out

Sun protection is obviously important and is a consideration for all anglers these days whether chasing trout in high elevation mountain stream or targeting bonefish on a sandy Bahamian flat. When I was younger my Grandmother used to tell me that my hair was going to fall out if I wore a ball cap all the time. Well, fast forward 40 years and I cant tell you how glad I am that i have worn a ball cap, polarized sun glasses and now the latest greatest sun protection accessories and clothing. Skin cancer is no joke and proper protection in the harsh environments of the Colorado mountains and the Caribbean where we like to chase all kinds of fish, will continue to be a challenge but, can be managed with the proper gear. The Simms Suns Mask is just one more well designed fly fishing accessory that helps anglers stay on the water longer.

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