Smith Creek Fly Fishing Gear Review

*Please note these products may no longer be available to purchase on our website*

Here at Vail Valley Anglers, we are always on the look-out for new and innovative fly fishing products that will enhance your angling experience. This year, I believe we’ve struck gold with the new fishing accessories from Smith Creek Fly Fishing. All of these high quality tools were designed by Smith Creek Fly Fishing’s founder, Wayne Smith, to make the little chores in fly fishing easier. With the new Smith Creek accessories, you can have more fun and even catch more fish every time you head to the water.

Middle Fork Fly Patch

This handy, double sided fly patch is made of micro slit foam and features exposed ribs that protect your bugs from being brushed off and lost while you are walking to and from the river. It includes both a zinger and a steel cable attachment option so that you can clip it to any kind of pack, vest, or shirt. The whole idea behind the Middle Fork Fly Patch is to enable minimalist anglers and lightweight fly fishermen to leave their large boxes behind on quick fishing trips.

Rig Keeper

If you fish with dry dropper, double streamer, or tandem nymph rigs, you will appreciate the convenience that the new Smith Creek Rig Keeper offers. This foam tool lets you store pre-tied, multi-hook rigs close at hand, either on a zinger or lanyard, so that you can swap flies and methods in a flash. Like the Middle Fork Fly Patch, the Rig Keeper features protective exposed ribs that will keep its precious cargo safe while you walk.

Net Holster

My favorite new accessory of this bunch is probably the Smith Creek Net Holster. It has an anodized aluminum frame that holds a strong, adjustable webbing strap to your belt or wading belt, which secures your net against your back by its handle. With the Smith Creek Net Holster you can easily wade and hike through overgrown brush or rugged terrain with any size or style of landing net – without worrying about losing or breaking it.

Rod Clip

It is not always easy to find a safe place to set your rod and reel when you need to use your hands to fix a tangle, release a fish, or snap a photo. The IFTD award winning Smith Creek Rod Clip gives you a safe place to dangle your rod from your chest so that you can free your hands when you need to. It is easy to use with one hand and comes with a super strong zinger that will last for over 50,000 pulls.

Trash Fish

The Smith Creek’s new Trash Fish waste holder lets you keep track of all your wasted tippet and line ends so that they do not find their way into your favorite river or stream. The Trash Fish is small, tough, and incredibly easy to use. It is a little tool that, if you actually use it, can help protect our beloved trout streams for future generations.

Each one of these fine accessories can be found both on the shelves of our Edwards, Colorado fly shop and right here online. These small tools are built to last and make great gifts for any style or level of angler.

Andy “Otter” Smith, Guide and Content Writer