Tacky Fishing Fly Box Review

*Please note these products may longer be available to purchase on the website*
A cursory glance at the new Tacky Fly Box from Tacky Fly Fishing may leave you with the impression that it is just like any other foam slit fly box on the market today. Look closer though, and you will find that its features are truly innovative and unique. The goal of the Tacky Fly Box’s creators was to simplify fly storage. Allowing the angler to focus more time and energy on fishing and nature. Thus, less time fussing with their inefficient fly boxes. The clear polycarbonate lid, silicone rubber insert, and magnetic closure system work in unison to protect and organize small to medium trout flies and make fly selection easier and faster.

Durable Polycarbonate Construction

The developers at Tacky Fly Fishing sampled several different materials including wood and aluminum to create their new fly box, but in the end they settled on clear polycarbonate for its shell. This versatile, inexpensive plastic is highly shatter resistant meaning that the box can withstand a lot of abuse and will last a long time. The box’s clear lid lets you look at your bugs without opening it. This feature comes in very handy when sorting through multiple boxes or when inclement weather threatens to damage flies while holding the box open.

Magnetic Closures

Many other fly boxes open and close with some sort of plastic snap or tab system that will inevitably wear out and break over time. The Tacky Fly Box snaps securely shut with two strong magnets inside the corners of the lid. This magnetic closure system is sleek and will likely outlast the closure systems on almost any other kind of fly box.

Silicone Rubber Insert

The new Tacky Fly Box’s most impressive feature is probably its silicone rubber insert. Every other slot style fly box available today holds flies in place with closed cell foam inserts. Which pack out and loosen up over time rendering them useless after a season or two. The Tacky Fly Box’s rubber insert hold their cargo securely. A small midge pattern will stay put, even if it is taking over a slot that was previously used.

Fly boxes are a highly personal piece of angling equipment. Everyone likes to store and organize their bugs differently. The new Tacky Fly Box caters to trout fishermen across the spectrum. If you are looking for a new durable, easy to use fly box this summer fishing season. You should take a close look at the new fly box from Tacky Fly Fishing. At under 25 dollars a box, it is a very reasonable investment that could change the way you think about fly storage.

Andy “Otter” Smith, Guide and Content Writer