The Adipose Flow: A Different Kind of Boat??

The Adipose Flow: A Different Kind of Boat??

The Ringer

The Adipose Flow:  Well what can I say…. This boat is redonkulous. The hull is a completely different design from all other drift boats. This boat is feature rich and has some of the most well thought out interior compartments and storage areas it will blow your mind. 

Benefits of the Adipose Flow

I already owned a raft so I could go down any section of river in that boat and do just fine. So why do I need an Adipose Flow? I like to fish those windy flat rivers in the off season and this boat is the absolute best boat for the job. The design lets you float in inches of water even fully loaded. 

I am not a small human by any means and it still does not drag or feel heavy on the sticks even fully loaded for a day trip. I really like the removable thigh brace and the sliding oarsman's seat. 

On a recent trip to the green we had three rowers and everyone commented on the adjustability of the rowers seat as a point worthy option. 

I also want to mention the trailer. I have had many kinds of trailers in my day but the trailer that came with the boat really completes the package. I feel like I have a stealth fighter loaded on a tank with the best rollers of any boat trailer I have ever owned. In fact, the trailer is so efficient you have to be careful when unloading it at the ramp that the strap is on or the boat will shoot half way across the river if it gets away from you.  

The only down fall is the potential for a rogue wave or two jumping in the boat from time to time. I know that it is a flat water boat but I am testing the boundaries because the ride is so stable and easy. Maybe one day they will build the Adipose Flow+ for the Class III crew?

Mike Ward
Adipose Boats

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