Riversmith River Quiver

The Riversmith River Quiver

Things started on a Monday evening. I read a post about a new Fly Fishing company from Boulder, Colorado named Riversmith. The Riversmith Company is producing a line of roof-top rod racks called River Quivers. Intrigued, I poured into all the information I could find. Two days later, a Vail Valley Anglers guide told me about an impressive new product we were carrying at the fly shop called the River Quiver. It seemed to be destiny. With two broken rods from clients at my home right now, I needed a Riversmith River Quiver to ease the strain from guiding during a tumultuous season.

 What is the Riversmith River Quiver?

River Quiver In Use

The River Quiver is a vehicle mounted rod rack designed to hold 2 or 4 full-length rods and reels in security. Rod racks such as these transport fully rigged fly rods from location to location without the necessity to break them down. The River Quiver is the perfect tool to prevent accidental breakage during transport. This line of rod racks has eliminated some of the minor issues associated with other companies.

Riversmith – the Company.

My initial contact with the Riversmith company was through their website. The employees for Riversmith exemplified customer service perfectly. My questions were answered quickly. Issues that came up with my order were handled efficiently. Within two weeks of learning about this new product and company I had one of the 4-Banger River Quivers riding atop my vehicle.

The people behind the River Quiver are proven outdoor industry leaders. Their focus on outdoor equipment has trickled over into the high quality found in the Riversmith River Quiver. As anglers, they recognized and addressed the need for functional rod transportation. The River Quiver truly protects your equipment not merely straps it across magnets.

Anglers in the fly fishing industry will recognize the Riversmith River Quiver as the winner of the 2018 ICAST Best in Show fly fishing accessory over $100.00 award and for good reason. The Riversmith River Quiver is packed full of quality features. Learning from personal experiences, guides and everyday anglers, Riversmith has listened to the people who use the products daily. Their attention to detail has resulted in an award-winning product.

What makes the River Quiver so special?

The construction process results in a product that is incredibly light but with impressive strength. The extruded aluminum pipes are designed to hold two rods at a time. The strength achieved from the paired tubes produces a rack with structural integrity. Able to accommodate rods up to 10 feet in length the River Quiver 4-Banger can transport a small arsenal of fly rods ready for deployment.

The reel box is aerodynamically designed to flow along vehicle lines, roof rack crossbars and high opening hatches. Extension risers are available to obtain additional clearance and to assist the installation process on troublesome vehicles. The accompanying locking reel box secures your valuable investment in a very user-friendly format. As a bonus amenity, the River Quiver has lined rod tubes to prevent the dreaded abrasion to your guides and ferrules. This is another small but significant detail that elevates the performance of this product. The entire River Quiver is a cohesive package from end to end.

 What extras does Riversmith provide?

The rod rack extensions are an option should installation require. The amount of rods you want to carry rigged is a big decision to make. The 2-Banger safely and securely transports two fully rigged fly rods with ease. The 4-Banger has the capacity to hold up to four fully rigged fly rods with very large reels. With security for your rods and reels, the River Quiver protects your entire investment with the same ease it transports.

Worried about crime or theft? The River Quiver has a durable barrel lock and the availability to up grade to locking mounting bolts. I chose to invest the small amount of money for the additional security found with these locking bolts. Upon arrival there was a specific wrench bit that came with the bolts for installation. The wrench bit was custom matched to the head of the locking bolts. A code comes with the wrench bit should you loose the original bit and need a new replacement.

Who needs a Riversmith River Quiver?

River Quiver in use

Anglers love their gear. That affection has flowed into roof mounted rod racks. The 2-Banger is an easily installed amenity for dealing with the frustration found in rod transportation. You and your best angling buddy can bounce up and down your favorite river, wading into multiple locations quickly and easily with this model.

The 4-Banger is an ideal transport for professional guides. Float guides are regulated to two anglers in a boat, making the 4-Banger ideal for holding two dry fly rods and two nymph rods ready and loaded. Storing rods quickly and easily eliminates unnecessary worry and allows the guide more time to focus on the boat, trailer and other necessities.

The Riversmith River Quiver.

After using the Riversmith River Quiver 4-Banger for rod transportation during my recent float trips my satisfaction level has increased. The locking reel box and additional security obtained by the custom bolts ease the worry surrounding theft. The lined custom shaped rod tubes provide protection and less wear on glossy rod finishes. Riversmith is well stocked eliminating the wait time associated with some orders. A proud Colorado product the River Quiver is designed, built and based in Boulder, Colorado. Contact Vail Valley Anglers to order your 2-Banger or 4-Banger Riversmith River Quiver.

Michael Salomone

Vail Valley Anglers

Guide and Content Writer