Top 5 Reasons to Fly Fish Gore Creek

Gore Creek:

Vail’s Gore Creek offers local and visiting anglers plenty of reasons to spend some time fly fishing this local gem. From the upper reaches of Vail Pass, past world class resort hotels and under ski lifts, Gore Creek provides miles of public acess directly in the heart of Vail. It’s hard to imagine a more productive small stream trout fishery that flows through one of the world’s most renowned ski resorts.

1. Gold Medal Fishing

The lower two miles of Gore Creek is classified by the state of Colorado as a Gold Medal Fishery. This is the highest ranking a trout stream can receive in Colorado and is indicative of a healthy population of wild trout, including many larger than average fish.

2. Four Species of Trout

Gore Creek is home to four species of wild trout. This diverse fishery includes rainbow trout, brown trout, brook trout and native cutthroat trout. Also a possibility is the hybrid strain of cuttbow trout. There are very few places where anglers can land four species of trout in a single outing and Gore Creek is the ideal place to attempt to achieve the Fly Fishing Grand Slam.

3. Public Access

Access to Gore Creek is basically unlimited and without the hassles of trespassing on private land. Most of Gore Creek is easily accessed via a bike path running through East Vail down to Vail Village and continues to West Vail. Anglers should avoid stomping through someone’s backyard or crossing the golf course but other than that the stream is open to fishing.

4.  Location and Convenience

Gore Creek enjoys the valley’s most convenient location for anglers visiting the Vail area. Travel time to the creek is basicaly nonexistent. Even anglers without a vehicle can use the free bus system to fish different parts of the creek. It’s very easy to go for a hike, a mountain bike ride, hit the links or get in a few ski runs in the morning and then hit the stream for some fly fishing. Afterwards head to a local restaurant for a meal and drinks.

5.   Fantastic Fishing

Gore Creek offers anglers plenty of challenge and opportunity in the fly fishing department. There a lots fish and big fish. Insect hatches are good and there’s great dry fly fishing throughout the summer. Best of all, anglers get to experience a high country, small stream fly fishing adventure. The Gore makes this possible without having to hike miles into the backcountry.

Give the excellent fly fishing on Gore Creek a try or for anglers who are interested in learning how to fly fish Gore Creek, book a guided trip with the experts at Vail Valley Anglers.


-Brody Henderson